Terms Conditions

Welcome to the astroyatra.com. After accepting our terms condition & privacy policy you can use our unlimited offered services. These policies are make easiest work to the user on our site. Here are descriptions of term of use of on our site & these are as follows –

1. How to using Astroyatra Portal

When you accept the astroyatra.com terms and condition then you are able to communication with our services. We also provide the advertisement section to our client on our site. We also encourage to our client to promote your business by the post, mail and many more. A complete structure of selling and buying you can find here related to astrology & other. Before using our sites services, we forward a safety tips package to our client.

A discussion segment is also giving to the client on the classified portal of astroyatra. Sharing, comment and feedback option is also available for our client to make easiest along appropriate category.

  • Your information – you can work under the law of our website otherwise you can be blocked. These all work with the internet so our safety tips help you to prevent your account on our website. If you show your full information on the site then you can gain the profit & leads from our site more and more.
  • Agree for posting information & listing - you are not involved in any illegal or fraudulent activity otherwise cannot be the part of our website services and offers.
  • Work in the Law & limitation of our website & trade in the legal format
  • We are not responsible if you tell your personal information as name, gender, phone no, address to the third party
  • According to the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986 we are not allowing the pornography on our website
  • You cannot post invalid scheme on our website
  • We not allowed those post, comment, sharing which are inserted virus, hacking to our system
  • Indirect offer not are comes in the provision of us so cannot allowed for it and this is prohibited
  • You cannot place your services in wrong category
  • Always fill the exact location in our website prospectus

2. Eligibility

on the www.astroyatra.com those respected people are allowed that are registered means that their age above 18 years. If you using our website then represent your location and values with authorized IP address of computer. So it's your responsibility that you posting on our site also.

3. Abuse on Astroyatra

If anyone user of astroyatra show the offensive or violates activity then we have right to case of that user. Because we believe in the transiency work with customer. if anyone doing the mistake in the post then we have also the right to modified content of the user. We can also terminate the user if that user creates negative identity on the website.

4. Violations By user

if you are not listing in our user list then you cannot spread your business through our website. Means that if any user want to participate in our website activity then for that user have to make the member of us by long in from filling option.

5. Content

content should be unique of the user because content makes the identity of your business. Astroaytra.com has all copyrights of unique content. The popularity of our website all across world so that we cannot able to include the copied content on our website. We respect of those user who work with the unique content on our website. So we expect from the user that user work with the transparency and gain the unlimited profit from market.

6. Liability

we also assure to the user that by our team any data is not misuse. If any employee, officers of our team we have the right to suspend them. If anyone sell or buy from our site then we are not responsible to give the complete security to the user. Our main motto is connecting the needed and required person to each other. Respectively to the extent legally permitted we exclude all implied warranties on services of merchantability or fitness or quality of the Site and our services by us.

7. Personal Information

On our website www.astroyatra.com our team give the facility to hide your personal information from the user. All data of user is to be control by the headquarter branch of astroyatra and that is located in Jaipur. After submitting your information after that our team gives the permission to post relevant matter on our website. We also communicate with the client who interested to know the better services of us by effective techniques.

8. General

In the general terms we update to our client time to time. These all update you can receive via mail or call. We give the 30 days period to quit the user from our site if user is unhappy when we merge with other company. We have right to merge with any company anytime.

9. Third party content and services

our all content enclose our all legality, so by the protective measurement we try to safe you data but all these relate with the internet so your data is infected by the virus then we are not responsible for that. All our services we describe in the broad manner on our website.

10. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

our all policy, terms & condition connected with the government law so that we are fully right to work in the legal framework. So if show any illegal activity on our website then you can go in the suffer situation also. So enjoy our services & take the benefit with the limitation.