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Acharya Sureshanad Shastri[ ower of

INR 550

Experience: 35 Years

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Pandit Mukesh Gaur [Diamond gold me

INR 500

Experience: 25 Years

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Astrologer Rajkumar Sharma

INR 450

Experience: 11 Years

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Pt. M.K Shastri [Gold Medalist]

INR 600

Experience: 30 Years

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Dinesh sharma

INR 400

Experience: 10 Years

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acharya arjun shastri

INR 950

Experience: 20years Years

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astrologer kundan sharma

INR 300

Experience: 10years Years

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Jyotish shiromani gauri shankar ji

INR 1100

Experience: 45 years Years

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astrologer arti sharma

INR 525

Experience: 11 years Years

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Tarun kumar

INR 1100

Experience: 15 Years

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Now solve your every problem by speaking live with expert astrologers and get successful solutions soon.

• Immediate approach

Now no need to wait, no need to book appointment. Get in touch with our astrologers easily.

• Worldwide Calling

Talk to our astrologers from anytime and from anywhere. Contact via mobile phone and many other voip service.

• Multiple Kundali (Birth Charts) and Questions

Ask each and every question which arise in your mind, feel free to talk. Our astrologer will provide you guidance for yourself and all your loved ones.

• Security & Privacy

Unload your all burdens without any hesitation. We are sure that your secrets are 100% safe.

• Choose Astrologer

Talk to your preferred astrologer, each and every time.

• Astrology Consultations on phone

Approximately 2500 customers talk to our astrologers every day.

Talk For:

  • Career
  • Marriage
  • Love
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Family

Personalized Solutions on Below Areas of Life

• Job/Career/Business

Hence choosing a right career according to your suitability, understanding, passion is our main segment. For the reason, that we focus more on it. With the help of our expert astrologers you can choose right path as per your suitability. Our astrologers will carry out a micro-analysis of your personal horoscope to bring you practical. For the reason, that successful solutions to resolve all problems of life.

• Love & Sex

Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. As well as it is painful at the same time. Couples face many ups and down in their relationship. Now get effective guidance and easy solutions regarding your love issues. Hence with the help of expert astrologers of AstroYatra, Geteffective and successful solutions. As a result, make your love life beautiful and amazing.

• Relationship/Compatibility/ Understanding

AstroYatra will help you to give proper guidance regarding love relationship, maintain healthy and harmonious relationships. Family is the root of every relationship. All issues will be eliminated by talking to our expert astrologers.

• Marriage & Children

Are you facing problem in your marriage? Do you love someone and want to marry desired partner? Talk to expert astrologers of AstroYatra. They will provide you appropriate solution for all problems related to marriage.

• Wealth/ Property

As a result, when a person face problems in wealth and investment, it may many times cause health issues. With the help of our astrologers you can resolve your finance, wealth and business and issues related to property.

• Health/ Education

We all heard this saying that “health is wealth”. As a result, if we are raking any stress it directly affects to our health. Education and health are most understandable topics of life. We have specialized expert astrologers who guides you to get rid of health related issues.

How to get in touch with Astrologers?

  • Fill up all the required details and make online payment. Here you will se different modes of the payment. For instance:- Debit card, credit card, paypal, net banking, Wallet and etc.
  • After success of above step. Enter your valid mobile number and Date of Birth.
  • Then you will get the Access Code immediately on the screen and you will also receive the Access Code on your email.
  • After getting the Access Code, you have to Dial 0123456789 from your mobile phone.
  • Then enter the Access Code and talk to our Astrologers and get effective and successful solutions in short span of time.

Why you choose this effective service?

  • You will get a chance to get in touch with our astrologers easily.
  • Directly ask questions from our expert astrologers. Hence your questions should be answered with the proper guidance.
  • It reduces the risk of misunderstandings and confusions.
  • Consult to our AstroYatra’s astrologers anytime and from anywhere
  • Even more it is an online service and available 24*7.