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Looking to find out additional regarding star divination? What follows is our choice of articles regarding Astrology. These vary from beginner to advanced, and have various varied of topics.

Our articles square measure designed for the casual browser, the start student of star divination, and also the knowledgeable prognosticator alike. They're the results of years of study, application, and analysis. We tend to additionally supply articles on different metaphysical and divining arts topics.

Days of the Week

Planetary rulers of the times of the week

"Monday's kid is truthful of face,
Tuesday's kid is choked with grace,
Wednesday's kid is choked with woe,
Thursday's kid has so much to travel,
Friday's kid is charmed and giving,
Saturday's kid works onerous for a living,
But the kid born on the Sabbath Day,
Is truthful and wise and smart and gay."

The ancient Babylonians selected to arrange their calendar around seven days of the week, and every day corresponds to at least one of the seven "planets" visible to the oculus. [Planets is in quotations as a result of two--the Sun and also the Moon--are technically not planets (they're luminaries).]

Monday (lundi in French) is dominated by the Moon. "Monday's kid is truthful of face" may see the sensitivity and youngness related to the Moon.

Tuesday (mardi in French) is dominated by Mars. "Tuesday's kid is choked with grace" can be additional ably taken as choked with energy and movement.

Wednesday (mercredi in French) is dominated by Mercury. "Wednesday's kid is choked with woe" can be taken as an individual UN agency worries or thinks an excessive amount of.

Thursday (jeudi in French) is dominated by Jupiter. "Thursday's kid has so much to go" may so be taken as an individual UN agency can travel and learn.

Friday (vendredi in French) is dominated by Venus. "Friday's kid is charmed and giving" may see the Venus nature, that is, an individual UN agency is charmed and receptive to like.

Saturday (samedi in French) is dominated by Saturn. "Saturday's kid works onerous for a living" so may see the saturnine nature that is very serious and accountable.

Sunday (dimanche in French) is dominated by the Sun. "But the kid born on the Sabbath Day is truthful and wise and smart and gay" may see the magnanimous Sun nature.

Why ought to one follow astrology?

Astrologers have determined the planets movements and documented what impact those movements appear to possess on humanity. They need discovered patterns. They need additionally found that because the planets line up in mathematical angles to at least one another that too look to systematically produce sure predictable cause and impact situations. for somebody to use the planets to predict the longer term could be a heap like locution, that once following full-of-the-moon comes quite an few ladies can begin sick. Why? Do not know, however it's true. Can each single girl UN agency is not pregnant begin to menstruate? After all not. Can each single pregnant girl deliver their baby on it moon? After all not. However it is a moderately correct prediction to mention that additional ladies then usual can deliver babies and additional ladies then usual can begin sick. The art of star divination could be a bit scientific observation and to a small degree psychic premonition. Of all the events that would be foretold, that one can hold true for the foremost people?

We think of every planet as a special zodiac record the heavens. All has its own pace and its own season. All keeps time with a special zodiac season of the universe. Similar to the sun and moon every have fully totally {different completely different} |completely different} seasons and fully different effects at different times. Observance the sun's seasonal effects help the farmer recognize once to plant his crops. Observance the moon's cycles helps America in different areas. Star divination is taking all of the opposite planets' seasons and cycles under consideration too. Imagine an enormous cosmic clock with the moon because the seconds hand and also the sun because the hours hand. Mercury would be the big hand. Increase that a hand for Venus, Mars, and also the others. All to a small degree quicker or slower than the others. Currently telling time becomes plenty additional advanced. Time becomes larger and additional infinite.

Astrology and destiny

From the start of humanity folks have followed the movements of planets and have derived sure patters in them. The sages and also the rishis of the religious text era have associated star divination with destiny. within the gap verse of the five,000 year previous religious text, Brihat Parasara Hora Shastras, the traditional Sage, Maharishi Parashara, tells America that:-

"The unborn Lord has incarnated because the 9 planets, the Nava Grahas, to bestow on the living beings the result owing to their karmas. He assumes the auspicious variety of the Grahas (planets) to destroy the demons and to sustain the divine beings."

The great Sage then goes on to explain to America the eternal science of star divination and impact of the planets on the destiny of the incarnating soul.

This work is claimed to be the fountain head of religious text star divination. it's the bible of this ancient subject and is an important study for each student and practician. it'd take a period of dedication to master the pseudoscience rules printed during this nice work, and indeed, it's uncertain if one would ever master it, for truth mastery of star divination will solely be accomplished by one UN agency has transcended the 3 gunas, the ego, and also the limitation of human thought processes. The whole subject of star divination could be a description of our karmic destiny and also the vicissitudes of our temporal existence during this world. If we tend to aren't firmly anchored within the stability of divine truth, then we tend to square measure subject to the fluctuations and faithlessness of our own minds.

Sub-Divisions of star divination

Astrology has been the domain of sages and Brahmins. Sages from pre religious text era had superb data of star divination. There square measure 3 main sub-divisions of star divination.

(1) Samhita : This deals with collectivity or multitudes. It encompasses such varied areas as weather forecasts, agricultural turn out, natural disasters, floods, famines, wars, earthquakes, cyclones, market trends, changes in government, national and international events, and just about something that influences the plenty. The annual world predictions that square measure usually based mostly either on Hindu New Year commencing on the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, or on the star Ingress into Mesha, make up the Veda star divination.

(2) Siddhanta or Tantra or Ganita :This deals with the mathematical aspects of star divination. There square measure many treatises on Siddhanta star divination however 5 among them square measure thought of as significantly necessary.

a) Surya Siddhanta
b) Paulisha Siddhanta
c) Romaka Siddhanta
d) Vasishtha Siddhanta
e) Paitamaha Siddhanta

A proficiency in these is taken into account as a necessity for a decent prognosticator, in step with the celebrated Varahmihira

3) Hora : It deals with :

a) Individual horoscopes, or Jataka, or natal charts of an individual.

b) Muhurta or electional star divination, that considerations itself with the election of favorable planetary inclinations to attain specific accomplishments in everyday life.