Guna Milap

The matching of horoscopes is thought as Guna Making or Guna Milap. Consistent with Vedic Astrology, to assess the compatibility of 2 people, their horoscopes ought to be matched.

Horoscope Matching or Guna metropolis is deeply stock-still in Hindu society. It's the first step before stepping into a wedding relationship. An accomplished Astrology Services Old Delhi, Astrology Predictions Old Delhi, Astrology Horoscope Prediction Services, Astrology Horoscope Reading advisor ,India is sometimes consulted to check the matchmaking horoscopes of the boy and lady in question. This can be a crucial step and crucial to form sure a nice, truthful and powerful married relationship.

Guna metropolis or Horoscope Matching for match-making is completed by bearing on "Melapak Chart" given within the Panchang (the Indian calendar). This chart is taken into account on the premise of eight factors. These factors are called 'Kula'. The matching of those factors is thought as Ashtakuta Guna Milap or thirty six purpose match. Out of those thirty six factors, a minimum of eighteen ought to be matching (Guna Milan) to confirm compatibility.


Importance Of Moon In Kundli Matching -

Guna Milap Moon is an important influence in a person's vedic horoscope, second only to the ascendant. It is said to represent emotions, something that we inherit from our mother. These matters of heart are required to make a marriage work. Therefore, all the factors (gunas) required to match two charts are derived from the position of Moon at the moment of birth - except one - Manglik Dosha. Manglik Dosha occurs when Mars affects certain houses in a person's chart. A person who is Manglik should always marry a person who is a Manglik. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, some of which are taken care of in this application. The horoscope matching software also determines if the two people who plan to get married are Manglik as well.