According to Indian sacred writing Astrology Gemstones area unit representatives of a selected planet and carrying the planet's crystal can attract positive vibration of that planet? Individuals wear gems for strengthening numerous planets and for propitiation functions. The primary sacred writing proof or text that's refers gems is Hora Sara by Varahamihira.

Know your Gemstone

From the terribly dawn of civilization, man has been fascinated by good, shiny, colorful shells, stones and crystals. Their possession created him additional vital than others. Gems have invariably been thought to be bringers of peace, prosperity and happiness. Favorable gems motivate name, fame, power and build life easier. Ancient scriptures from across the planet have praised gems as powerful agents of energy that influence human fate and destiny, induce smart energy and expel the negative energy that produces illness and suffering. There is no disagreement within the relationship of gems to planets. Most Indian astrologers and gem therapists agree on the employment of crystal associated with the moon sign (rashi). (The moon sign means that the position of moon during a specific sign of the Zodiac). It's not invariably useful to pick out gemstones simply because they're associated with moon sign (rashi). To wear a gem, is to feature the energy of the earth associated with the gem and if the earth is badly inspected it'll solely augment ones issues. Thus it's invariably necessary to consult a gem healer or a decent prognosticator before choosing a gem.

The puranas gift lovely stories regarding the origin of gems and their relationship with the 9 planets. The nav-ratna(nine gems) area unit divided into 2 groups:-Precious and Semi-precious. Diamond, pearl, Ruby, Blue-Sapphire and Emerald area unit precious gems whereas essonite, yellow sapphire, cats eye and coral fall within the class of semi-precious gems. This division is predicated neither on the value of the gems nor on their brilliance, luster or sturdiness however on their utility and their influence on the human psyche, body, chemistry and magnetic force field. In Tantra Sara, a serious Tantric scripture, the anatomy is declared to be associate degree island of 9 gems. These 9 gems called nav-ratnas correspond with the 9 dhatus (ingredients) of that the anatomy consists. The Tantra Sara offers a transparent statement of their correspondence to the nav-ratnas that is extremely useful in understanding the link of gems with the human organism. Wearing these gems influences the dhatus and therefore the psychophysical well-being.

It is invariably judicious to wear the rings totally different of various} gems on different fingers. As a general rule, the finger is that the best for carrying rings, however as every finger is said to a selected planet, the ring ought to be worn on the finger connected with the earth .This belief is sort of common and typically we tend to see individuals carrying rings on several fingers. There's additionally distinction between the correct and hand: the correct hand is star and therefore the left hand is satellite. If an individual seeks balance in life then he needs to wear a hoop with the gem, connected with the planets Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu on the hand (i.e. star gems on the satellite hand). The gems connected with Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter ought to be worn on the correct hand. Thus carrying gems on the suitable fingers, would bring physiological state, prosperity, name and fame, saves one from wild animals, accidents, evil effects of poison and negative effects of ill-accepted planets.

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