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Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)

Hessonite - Gomed, The crystal of Hindu deity
Rahu is taken into account as Associate in nursing inauspicious planet the same as Saturn. so as to extend the auspicious influence, it's useful to wear the crystal of Hindu deity rather than the crystal of the lord of the house during which Hindu deity is found.

Inauspicious position of Hindu deity results in the health and cash issues. You'll be able to wear Gomed to cut back the inauspicious effects and increase the auspicious effects of Hindu deity. This crystal is taken into account helpful not solely in star divination however conjointly in different fields. we are going to understand the consequences and qualities of Gomed during this article.

Gomed - Hessonite: The crystal of Hindu deity
Gomed ought to be worn to urge the auspicious results of Hindu deity in line with its position and placement in sign and homes. Gomed is auspicious to cut back the malevolent influence of Hindu deity. Gomed is understood by totally different names. It's known as Gomedak (??????) and Pig Saftik in Sanskrit; in Hindi, it's known as as Gomed; in Farsi as Jarkuniya and Gomed in English.

Properties of Gomed
The real Gomed crystal appearance shiny, beautiful, and charming. It's just like the eyes of Associate in Nursing hooter.

Harmful Effects of Artificial and Defective Gomed If there's any defect within the Gomed, it's going to result in the subsequent harmful effects:

  • If there's no shine in Gomed, it's going to prove harmful particularly for girls.
  • Gomed of red color could increase health issues for the person.
  • Gomed while not shine could have an effect on the status of the person.
  • Multicolored Gomed could have an effect on the economic standing and wealth of the person.
  • If there are a unit gridlines on Gomed, the happiness of the person could get affected.
  • If there's any plant disease on Gomed, the family friends and kids of the person could have issues.
  • If there are a unit red or black spots in Gomed, the person could have accident risks.

Health edges of Gomed in line with religious text Asrology
In piece of writing, Gomed is employed to cure diseases of throat or gall bladder. It's conjointly useful for treating infectious disease, upset stomach, skin and blood connected diseases. You'll be able to use the ash of Gomed to extend your physical and mental strength.

Substitutes of Gomed
There are unit 2 substitutes of Gomed. One in all the substitutes is Tursa that is light-weight yellow in color, neat, shiny and swish. The opposite one is Safi that is dust-colored and swish. It's not terribly shiny, Akik can even be thought of as its various.

Yogas for carrying Gomed in line with religious text Asrology

  • If Hindu deity is in Sagittarius check in ninth house, the person ought to wear Gomed.
  • If Hindu deity is in III homes, the person ought to wear Gomed to urge auspicious results of III homes.
  • If placement of Hindu deity within the ascendant house and therefore the ascendant lord is afflicted within the birth chart, the person ought to wear Gomed. This may conjointly facilitate cut back his health issues.
  • The person ought to wear Gomed once Hindu deity is within the tenth house or eleventh house.
  • The one who desires to hitch politics will wear this crystal.
  • Gomed is additionally favorable for the person whose profession is said to support, judiciary or affairs of state.
  • When Hindu deity is within the second, eighth or twelfth house, the person mustn't wear Gomed.
  • When it's within the third, sixth or eleventh house and Mahadasha of Hindu deity is additionally running within the birth chart, the person mustn't wear Gomed.

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