When is Ganesh Chaturthi and how to worship Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great pomp every year, in the month of Bhadrapada, Chaturthi is celebrated in Shukla Paksha, on this day Shri Ganesh ji was born, in every house, shouts of Ganesh’s name are spoken, and first of all in every work, God The name of Shri Ganesh ji is taken, he is seated in the house and his worship is started 10 days in advance.

Ganesha is also established by bringing 3 days or 5 days in the house, this festival is done by King Chhatrapati Ganesha is worshiped first in every puja or havan, this festival is celebrated in Maharashtra and everywhere in Bihar. If you want to know more about Ganesha Chaturthi time then talk to an expert astrologer.

This time Ganesh Chaturthi is coming on 22 August, and on Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesh is immersed with great pomp, worshiping Ganesha keeps prosperity and prosperity at home, many people keep fast on this day. , By keeping fast, Lord Ganesha remains happy and peace remains in the house. All devotees worship Ganesha with reverence.

How was Ganesh born

According to Vedic astrology, Mata Parvati was going to take a bath, after taking a paste of turmeric from her body, she made an idol and gave life to that idol and gave it the appearance of a beautiful child, and gave the appearance of a child.

Lord Ganesh Puja Vidhi

• After getting up early in the morning, bathing and wearing red clothes because red clothes are very dear to Lord Ganesha, the idol of Lord Shri Ganesh is placed in the direction of East or North, then Shri Ganesh Ji is anointed with Panchamrit milk, Curd, honey and Ganges are anointed with water and ghee.

• Rolls and vermilion are offered to Ganesha, betel nut and pan are offered, fur flowers are offered, and then sweets are offered, and then aarti is spoken, and Ganesh mantras are recited.

• It is believed that on the day of Ganesh Charthuthi, the moon is seen as new, otherwise it causes stigma, chants are also done to remove this stigma.

Ganesh Ji is also worshiped along with Lord Shiva Durga ji Vishnu ji, he is the first to be worshiped.

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