These are simple tips will worship the sun – Success-

All material pleasures – features full round action-packed day today for Sunday ‘s rest and relaxation time from work . But religion is religion karma traditions continued in the scriptures , learn and serve Surydev Sunday with the spirit healed , energetic power, prosperity and elevated status there is a special day .
Among the scriptures Sapthami on Sunday (September 7), particularly the sun , including sun salutations and prayers encompasses these 4 steps are demonstrated very good efficacy.
– Especially on Sundays and Saptami day and every day the sun’s red or white lotus flowers, worship, fasting – fasting person pleased by the sun all the fame, success and is rich in pleasures.
– After the worship of the sun god body – mind gets freedom from diseases circled with purity. Pavnta items barefooted for the round.
– Greetings to the Sun god at the head touching the ground is the ruin of all sins.
– Any text hymnal sun , sun, sun worship ideas or the desire to prove chant.

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