why kundali matching?

Why kundali matching is necessary for happy married life?

kundali matching

Whether arrange marriage or love marriage, in India you can get permission of your parents easily for marriage when Kundali of both of you match perfectly. Means Kundali says that before the matching of heart, matching of Kundali is so much necessary. Here are these some reasons because of that Kundali is matched.

Compatibility test

This is the foremost reason of Kundali matching. Nowadays the count of divorces is increasing day by day so in that case no one wants to take risk of it. Relation of boy and girl to keep for seven births checking of compatibility is must. Because adjustments are main part of this relation but if both are not compatible to each other then there is risk of break of relation. In Kundali of boy and girl there is position of planets. Owing to them you can know, how would be the relation in future.

Love test

Owing to Kundali matching this is also easy to know that how much they would be dedicated to each other. It is said that the more gun are matched the more they understand to each other. There are 36 gun in Kundali and if matched gun are less than 18 then it is not good for a marriage.

For physical and mental compatibility

After marriage this is also necessary to know that how type of behavior they both have, their likes and dislikes, interest, is they both would be able to adjust with each other with their difference in nature.

Adjustment with financial and family

After marriage members of family are become too essential part of your life. You have to struggle with many situations like finance and children. Matching of Kundali can disclose these secrets for you.