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Secret of good health & prosperity

Secret of good health & prosperity

We should abandon the bed in the morning hour of Brahma. God is the ultimate reality or Brahman means. The auspicious time is to adapt. That morning last night 4 divine auspicious time of 5.30 pm stated. Our routine starts with waking up in the morning. The first and most important part of the routine is to get up early in the morning. Time to wake up in the morning for this reason that our culture has also been decided that the hour of Brahma.

Our life is very beneficial to get the hour of Brahma. It remains our body is healthy and pep day. Healthy living and being successful formula which cost it nothing happens. Only need to leave laziness.

The divine person of the hour is up beauty, wealth, wisdom and health of the age. To do this, the body is beautiful like the lotus.

The secret of good health

The biggest advantage of getting us in the hour of divine scriptures has been told good health. What’s the secret? Indeed, from four in the morning till half past five oxygen in the atmosphere is high, ie around us. Scientific discoveries have shown that 41 percent oxygen, 55 percent nitrogen and about 4 percent is carbon dioxide gas. Less oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere after sunrise grows. Oxygen is the basis of our life. It is stated in the scriptures oxygen &Keeps our body healthy by getting more oxygen.

Brahma moment and Nature

Brahma moment and is a close relationship to nature. At this time the animals – birds wake up. His sweet tweet starts. Blooming lotus flower arises. Rooster crows seem. In a way the divine nature is the hour of consciousness. Nature gives us the message up to the hour of Brahma.

How get success and prosperity

One hour of Brahma arising successful, happy and prosperous, why? The day’s tasks early riser and have enough time to make plans. So not only is successful life. Staying physically and mentally healthy person can be happy and prosperous. Because of his works are in progress. Student test is successful. Jobs (Job) is impressed by that. Businessman is earning well. If the sick man’s income is affected, the reverse seems to increase spending. At the same time leveraging is the success of the move to kiss and healthy. So successful is to stay healthy and get up at the hour of Brahman.

– Get up in the morning before the sun rises, the person is in good health. That’s why intelligent people miss this time not wasted. Person with early birds healthy, happy, and longevity is strong person.

– The person must morning before sunrise toilet and bath. After the worship of God – prayer should. Pure and serene air isincreased health and property.

– Which did not occur even after the sun rises or falls over his breathtaking awake.