shani shanti puja

Remove the worse effect of shani dosh

shani dosh

Shani dosh can ruined your life and may create many troubles in your life. It is said that if Saturn position is against you in your life then it van make your life miserable and you will become part of obstacles, misfortunes and troubles. Saturn is known as the one of the angriest planet among the nine planets. Bad effect of Saturn can destroy your business and can strip all the happiness of you. It is also said that if Saturn position is in your favor then you will get success in each step and will get all the happiness of this world.

Shani shanti puja gives you a guard protection against the Saturn’s evil effect and keep you safe. 6th celestial body that is called Shanivaar is son of the Surya and wife of Saturn is chaaya. He is elder brother of the death god Yama.

Shani dev also have extremely good effects also. Favorable position of Saturn brings fame in your life, in every task you get success, prosperity, health, wealth you gain. Otherwise Saturn planet gives so many troubles and may become the example of tragedies in your life. if Saturn is placed in your horoscope at favorable position then it brings success in your career and in your business.

It is believed that shani dev has the strongest malefic effects and also a teacher who teaches us endurance, endeavour, patience, efforts, humanity, delay, discipline, misery, sorrow, thoughts, happiness, restrictions, longevity, old age.

If you have badly affected by shani dosh then shani shanti puja has great effect to remove your all worse effect and make place of Saturn in your horoscope favorable. You can contact with specialist astrologers that know this technique or puja or online services are also available.


Effects of Saturn lines


We all know about palmistry. Under the lines of the hand of anyone seeing her past, future and present, much can be known about. As well as that person’s nature can be understood easily. Lines and not just at the hands of humans occurs on other organs. There are lines on the sole of the foot. Similarly, there are lines on the forehead of every man. The lines are influenced by various planets.

According to the head of the body, these lines are also seeing signs of Sciences of the person past, future, present and disposition information can be obtained. That old man on the forehead lines can be postulated. The position of the person’s forehead, size – type, color and smoothness are taken care of. Know who’s on the forehead – which is lines and their effects on a person’s temperament –

Sun Line – the line is at the top of the forehead area. This line is no longer only appears in the central part of the forehead. According to this line of symptomatology sea around Saturn’s portion is considered to be affected. This line is visible on the forehead, he is of serious nature. If an advanced poll (slightly cocked) If Saturn line of people mysterious, serious, and some are assuming. More information about these people is very low. The successful magician or sorcerer cans Astronomer.

Jupiter (Guru) Line – head slightly below the Saturn line is the location of the master line. This line is usually slightly longer than the Saturn line. This line studies, ideas, spirituality, history, etc., is an indicator of relative interest and ambition.

The person on the line is long and the head is visible, he is confident and sure of your point. Such people can be trusted blindly & People who earn their name in a government job or education.

Tue line – up in the middle of the forehead and master Tue line is the bottom line. Understanding of the trend prior to the line just above each ear of the person next to him a few places and the must see places of Caption above.

Tue line on a flat or advanced forehead with his good qualities and are slightly raised position above the person’s head, the man courageous, proud, heroic, Dharmalu, who has the vision, understanding and contains of the creative tendency. Such people an administrative post, military or police officer may or ambassador.

Mercury line – the location of the line is almost in the middle of the forehead. The line is long and occasionally touches the edges of the individual appear to have both Knption. Mercury line person’s memory, his knowledge in other disciplines, discernment and integrity implies.

If this line is such a good man with a sharp memory, the interest in artistic works, right – wrong with thinking, high mental capacity and is a connoisseur trend. Any human ability to recognize such people are more general.

Sun Line – The line in the middle part of the space is only just below the Mercury line. This line is usually smaller in size. This line of health, discover trends, the research interest is an indicator of attractive and compelling personality.

Advanced forehead the line is clearly visible elation such person, full of hope and enthusiasm. A person with high vitality, first – travelers, beauty lover and important issues are serious. Such people can clean, clear and white color like this.

Lunar Line – This line is above the left eye brow. If this line is simple, straightforward and clear so that the individual artistic, loner, smart and imaginative intellect is developed. His interest in painting, singing, music, etc. has.