shani puja in Hindi

Shani puja with Vedic astrology

shani puja

A person that is effected with shani dosh, it is must to appease Saturn. Shani puja is done to appease Saturn. Saturn is regarded as a malefic planet that may causes of the your down fall. It is considered that shani puja is sought to bring happiness in home and mental health. to remove all the disease from the home shani puja is performed.

In Vedic astrology Saturn is also known as shanishvara. The temperament of shani is airy type means at any time it can change the direction to the happiness or sorrows. In astrology Saturn is knows as feeble god who has very big physique, long teeth and tawny eyes. Nature of shani is known of anger. It is said that if Saturn can make you king then it can also make you bagger also. It is completely depends on your natives deeds or karma. If Saturn is in favorable position in your horoscope then you can say that you are under the shelter of Saturn planet and it will bring all the happiness and success in your life.

Shani puja

To appease Saturn planet shani puja is must and with the guidance of astrologer you can follow it. It is said that recite of shani mantra daily facing to west removes your all trouble and worries and you can achieve a life that one desires. Shani puja can be performed by Vedic astrology where a specialist astrologer can guide you by online or personally.

Significance of shani

Shani is known for courage, restriction, awareness, responsibilities, and wisdom at born time, endurance, humanity, strength and other virtues in a person. Shani is known as dark side of a person if that person has shani dosh. Shani is known as a giver as well as destroyer. If someone from true heart chant shani mantra then all the worries of that person get remove.