palm Astrology



The lines that appear in the hands of our past, present and future will tell. All lines of hands isolated value. Each line is the prediction of different topics.More sun line attached to certain things.

Where is the Sun Line?

Sun line ring finger (ring finger) on the right bottom part is the mountain sun. In this part of the state are vertical lines, the line is called the sun. Sun Mountain Sun Line said it is due. In the hands of a person if the person lives in the line contains variable values ​​- respect and receive money.

Usually this line is not in the hands of all the people. In many situations, even after the sun line, the person may face cash-strapped.

Sun Line

Sun line at the bottom part of the ring finger is the ring finger. Sun Mountain is known as the part of the palm,if the vertical line is called the Sun line. The lower part of the palm, wrist or life line of Sun Mountain is on the line. Sun line from the other lines are cut or broken, it can be finished good effect.

– Palm side of the finger Bagyrekha Sun line is moved from the position it is also showing good effect. Very good effect on the person’s name and could earn money.

– If a person’s hand from wrist to finger the sun line, so it is considered very auspicious position. Such people are very successful in life and to get all the money. These guys get values, respect and happiness, Facilities.

If a person lives in the hands of the finger towards the Sun line is out of line, then the line has been a lucky person. With all the amenities and features that people value in life – that privilege.

If the line coming out of the sun moon mountain

Lunar Mountain out of a person’s hand is a line toward the Sun Mountain Sun line only if it is called. Lunar mountain right in the palm, thumb on the other end of the call. Here is the line-out to finger the person’s imagination is very fast & Keeps a good grip on the language of these people.

If the sun mark the point on the line

Sun line marks the point when the person has bad effects. Such a line is a man afraid of being humiliated. If you have more than one point more than the sum of deep humiliation makes this status in society. Therefore, the person having such a line should act cautiously.

– If the Sun Line – small branches coming out and they’re turning up the fingers so that it bodes well.

– If the Sun Line – small branches out to be going down the lines weaken Sun line.

If the sun wavy line

Wavy line is the sun in the hands of a person if the person is unable to perform any task with concentration.

If the mark of the cross on the Sun line

If the sun be the mark of a cross on the line, then the person has to face in life is suffering. Working with people who meet difficulties and yet they do not get proper consideration.

Measures to overcome the defects of the sun line

– Sun line is not in the hands of a person in the society values ​​- respect comes from great difficulties. Also have to work hard to earn money as well.

– Lord Surya the Sun line is concerned. Sun values ​​- respect the planet factor. Therefore, to overcome the defects of the sun line should worship the sun god.

– Daily sun line removing impurities from the water are offered.

– According to the Sun god’s sake yellow poor people should donate goods.

– Water must offer lingam; even the sun has peace of defects.

All lines of palm isolated value. Properties of a line, the second line can eliminate imperfections. Therefore, the position of palm, texture and all lines should be thoroughly studied &can only be accurately predicted.

Take away the color of the palm of a man or a woman , Think Secret Things –

If you want to know specific things related to a person’s character by studying the best way . You only see a person ‘s palm can understand many things . Astrology astrology and palmistry character always tell the future is the most popular and authentic learning .

In astrology, palmistry based on the color of the palm is also explained by the nature of the person .

Whose palm and palm bright red , smooth they are rich . According to astrology, palmistry palm red color is very good . People with a palm well in life – and these facilities to obtain values ​​in society – get respect .

Such people may adulterer whose palm is yellow . These people have a high affinity for the opposite sex . Yellow face palm those illnesses .

If a stain on the palm – If spots appear , they are victims of addiction . Such people generally make life miserable .

Those who are black palm Mtmele they face impoverishment . Many times in life that people are disappointed due to lack of funds . These people work hard and do not meet the requirements .

Color Abarhit the withered palm or palm Dry – Dry see if they remain impoverished . These people also face difficult times in life .

Dark pink palm of those who think they are rich . Nature of these people are grumpy . These people show up in making any decision . Besides, it quickly becomes angry and gets down quickly .

The palm of a person ‘s color is light pink with being wealthy so they – are gaining prestige in society . If any of the tasks carefully , do not rush into making decisions .

The color of the palm lines with color is also affected . Many people are in the hands of someone in the hands of red yellow lines . In the hands of someone who is black or dark lines . All colors of these lines individually have effects on our nature and future .

People whose hands are red lines they enthusiastic , optimistic and stable nature are active . In contrast, dull , rough -looking Native weak lines , are inferior enthusiasm . These people fail to make the right decisions .

Yellow lines are in the hands of a few people . Such persons generally remain ill , they remain prone to heart disease . These soft spoken , aloof , self loner occur. Also some dark or black lines in the hands of those who remain indifferent , are seeking serious and unforgivable .

Palm of both hands to see the future one must study the whole situation . Only then can an accurate prediction .