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Online astrology tips that can save you from mistakes in a relationship

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Reading Online astrology tips can save you from many mistakes that you can do in your relationship. If you are newly married and or ready to tie the knot then here astrology advice can refrain from doing such common mistakes. It is believed that astrology has been an auspicious and helpful factor to make a married relation successful.

It is known by everyone that astrology supports matching of Kundali of both the partner. This Kundali is your destiny and it is to some extent true also. In India most of the marriages are arranged marriage and in this type of marriage knowing your partner is almost impossible. First visit to a person cannot describe you how his nature is and what type of behavior he has. In this case astrology is only solution that can reveal all the secrets about a person through his horoscope. Horoscope match making is completely a service of beliefs.

According to you and your partner’s nature online astrology tell you that in which situation how you should behave with your partner that will not create any further problem. Online astrology application needs some birth related required data that will help you to know your partner. Results of astrology works on correct data so first be make sure about the correctness of submitted information.

देवी मंत्रो से करे अपने जीवन की हर बाधा को दूर



कार्यक्षेत्र या परिवार से जुड़े मामलों में मिले कई अनचाहे नतीजे कुछ अवसरों पर गहरी चिंता में डूबो देते हैं। असल में काम और सफलता में संकल्प शक्ति निर्णायक होती है। मजबूत संकल्प शक्ति के बिना मनोबल कमजोर होता है। इससे कर्म पूरे समर्पण भाव से नहीं होता और मनचाहे लक्ष्य या सफलता को पाना मुश्किल हो जाता है।

शास्त्रों में देवी उपासना पावन और मजबूत संकल्प शक्ति से ही मन और कर्म में संयम व संतुलन बनाकर जीवन से जुड़े हर मकसद को पूरा करने के लिए बेहद असरदार मानी गई है।

भय, संशय से मुक्त जीवन के लिए ही देवी उपासना के विशेष दिनों जैसे शुक्रवार विशेष देवी मंत्रों के ध्यान का महत्व बताया गया है। जानिए ऐसे ही 10 देवी मंत्र, जो बोलने में मुश्किल से चंद पल ही लेंगे, लेकिन बड़ी से बड़ी परेशानियों से निजात देंगे।

शुक्रवार की सुबह व शाम स्नान के बाद स्वच्छ व यथासंभव लाल वस्त्र पहनकर दुर्गा प्रतिमा या नवदुर्गा की तस्वीर को लाल चंदन, अक्षत, सुहाग सामग्री, चुनरी, लाल फूल व दूध से बनी मिठाईयों का भोग लगाएं।

देवी पूजा के बाद यहां बताए जा रहे चंद पलों में बोले जा सकने वाले 10 छोटे-छोटे, किंतु असरदार देवी मंत्रों का स्मरण परेशानियों से छुटकारे की कामना से करें। देवी के सामने धूप व दीप जलाकर ये 10 देवी मंत्र गहरी श्रद्धा और सुख-सफलता भरे जीवन की चाहत के साथ स्मरण करें-

ॐ महाविद्यायै नमः।

ॐ जगन्मात्रे नमः।

ॐ महालक्ष्म्यै नमः।

ॐ शिवप्रियायै नमः।

ॐ विष्णुमायायै नमः।

ॐ शुभायै नमः।

ॐ शान्तायै नमः।

ॐ सिद्धायै नमः।

ॐ सिद्धसरस्वत्यै नमः।

ॐ क्षमायै नमः।


Female or male, dead these 14 bad habits tend to make the same living

Kamvash – who are extremely voluptuous, indulge in sex lives, tangled in the pleasures of the world, he is like dead. The desires of the mind never stop and the only person who has won just under your desires, he is like dead.

make the same living– the person who moved the whole world upside down, if everything is looks behind the negativity of the world. Rules, traditions and runs against common sense, that the Left is called Margie. Dead people do things that are considered identical.

Jew – very stingy man is dead. The task of religion economically is reluctant to take part in welfare activities. Be shot from the charity. It’s like a dead man.

Always Rogvs – who lives martyr, he is dead. In the absence of a healthy body, the mind is distracted. Negativity dominates. Wish to look at the person’s discharge. Despite living a healthy individual patient is deprived of enjoyment of life.

Very old – very old person is like the dead, because it is dependent on other people. Body and mind, both are disabled. So many times he and his family seem to wish her death, in order to get rid of the sufferings of these.

Continuous grumpy – 24 hours of anger is the same as living dead. Every little – the big thing is the work of those who resent. Wrath of the mind and intellect, both are beyond its control. The person does not have control over your mind and intellect, he is not supposed to live and survive.

Very poor – poverty is the greatest curse. The individual funds, self-confidence, respect and courage to be inferior, he is dead. There are also dead in the impoverished. Poor person should not pooh-pooh, because he is already dead. But do not help poor people.

Confused – extremely foolish or stupid person is dead. Has the discretion, not intelligence & to take a decision itself.

Ajasi – The person who has gained notoriety in the world, he is also dead. Home, family, family, community, city or nation, in any unit does not respect the dead person is the same.

Cynical – it is unreasonable to condemn a man dead. The only drawbacks are seen only in others. A person who is misses the good work of criticism. A person sitting next to someone who is not just any harm to anyone, he is like a dead person.

Vishnu alienated – the person who is opposed to God, he is like dead. The person who takes this thinking that there is no ultimate reality. If we do that, the same thing happens. We are running the world. Who is not a believer in Prmskti, a person is considered dead.

Saints and anti Vedas – the saints, texts, mythology and anti Vedas, she is even dead.

Ag eat – earn money from the person who pursues his sin and family rearing, he is the same person dead. People living with him are identical, too. Always honest earnings should receive the money. In earnings of sin is sin.

People who eat – drink, for space vehicles, everything thinks that things just get back to us, the rest’d get another, and they are like dead. Such people are useless to society and the nation.