Manglik Dosh

Manglik dosh, prevention by astrology

manglik dosh

When a person has manglik dosh then it is said that that person is manglik. When planet mars is placed in 1, 4, 7th, and 8th or in 12th house in your horoscope then it is said that effect of mars is strong on that person. Planet mars is known for their courage, aggression, strength and endurance. Mars is the reason of delay in marriage for that person who has manglik dosh in their kundali. Even after marriage there are chances of disputes in married life and fear of death of spouse. In Indian astrology there are many solutions of manglik dosh that can be removed by astrologer.

In marriage effect of manglik dosh

Horoscope is the only way that can depict about the manglik dosh of a person. Natal chart of a person according to planet position at the time of birth of that person is the way to know all the dosh and their solutions. If a person is manglik then it is must that that person should also marry with that person who has manglik dosh. Because of this effect of manglik dosh get cancelled. If a manglik person get marry with a non manglik person then there are more chances of disputes in their family and may be marriage would not successful.

Manglik dosh nivaran puja

Manglik dosh nivaran puja is the removal of manglik dosh that is different for each person because of their unique horoscope. In astrology a lot of remedies are available to remove manglik dosh like mantra, gemstone, charities and puja. Indian astrologer is the expert astrologer that will solve your marry delay problem and cruel effect of mars from your horoscope.

Manglik dosh

Manglik dosh

Manglik you know what those words are used, which causes Manglik are a man or woman, having Manglik – what are the effects? If you want to know the answers to these questions salient Here Manglik attached to the term.

Who are Manglik?

There are many types of defects reported in astrology horoscope. One of these defects Tue defect. This defect occurs in the person’s horoscope is called the Manglik. If a person’s horoscope, the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th Manglik then that person would be located Tue.

Tue is the commander of the planets

According to astrology, the nine planets in the horoscope are listed individually set according to the state of our lives. We are also – sadly, successes or failures are received, as of all the nine planets are found. Tue these nine planets are general. Tue planet are related, Tue blame. Manglik Tue blame the person makes.

Marriage-related special thing

Manglik too many people are having a major influence on Tue planet receives. People who are Manglik, they keep their spouses, some special requirements that can only get a Manglik spouses. Manglik-Manglik why married people are the same people.

Tue sin Planet

Tue planet disciplinarian is proud and harsh nature. It is considered a sin because of the hardness of the planet Tue. Mangle dev. land will devout son and mother. That’s why all the people who respect their mother’s special grace. Tue hard working people, land, building on success simply does not work.

People are angry Manglik

People are grumpy nature of the effects Manglik Tue. Tue bad effects if you stop loss are achieved in many areas of the side effects. Tue planet to those relating to land a special worship – worship should be.

Manglik dosh shanti pooja

Manglik dosh shanti pooja

India is a country where traditions are followed from the ancient time under the guidance of astrologers. Marriage is a pious relation in India and before marriage matching of kundali prevalent. If the girl or boy has manglik dosh then there is lot of troubles to get marry. So people take help astrologers to remove this effect or with the guidance of astrologers they organize a pooja that is called manglik dosh shanti pooja.

Manglik dosh in India like a phobia. Without removing this marriage cannot happen. This is known that manglik dosh is the bad effect of mangal on a person. Some people strongly believe in and some take it as a myth. Till now questions are raised on this it is real or not. It is known that when mangal graha is in their first home, fourth home, 12th home then mangal dosh comes into the existence.

If bride or groom has mangal dosh and also shani dosh then the effect of manglik dosh becomes null because mangal and shani are reciprocals to each other. The effect of one removes the effect of other.

A experienced and professional astrologers are highly educated and perfect in the Vedic and outside country astrology. If they have experience of more than 12 year and have read thousands of readings and kundali then easily they can solve all your problems like love related, education related, business related, marriage related, career related etc…

If people definitely detect mangal dosh in their kundali then people should conduct a highly experienced

Pandit ji and astrologers. Only they can remove your mangal dosh. In this condition never take manglik dosh in an easy way because this is effect of graha and Nakshatra. If in your kundali they are not on their correct position then they can harm your career. Never try to do this pooja on their own because of the money saving. So if you have this dosh then this highly recommendable that it must be remove.


Manglik Female – Male -related certain things



Even today, horoscope matching for marriage to a man or woman is that she has seen the first Manglik, or not. If a person is Manglik astrologically auspicious itself should be married to someone else. The concepts are discussed.

Tue affected by Manglik

Tue planet astrologically Manglik special effect on people. If you’re lucky Tue Manglik makes people rich. Manglik people love their spouses – in relation to context specific desires are few who can fulfill a Manglik spouses.

Several types of defects are described in the kundali. One of these defects Tue defect. This defect occurs in the person’s horoscope is called the Manglik. When a person’s birth chart 1, 4, 7, 8, or expressions Tue 12th Manglik then that person is located.

Tue nature due to the influence of people they are grumpy. According to astrology than Manglik person must be married with Manglik. Tue a bad effect if you stop loss is found in many areas of the side effects. Tue planet to those relating to land requires special grace. Tue without the grace of God, a person can’t achieve success in land operations. Tue affected person is true to its tune and performs any task very well.

Manglik person got high rank, businessman, lawyer, sorcerer, politicians, doctors, engineers in all sectors receive this distinction.