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Secrets to make love married life happy

happy married life

A lot of secrets are there thereby you can live a long lasting and harmonic married life. Every relationship needs some efforts to maintain their happiness. In this order marriage relation also requires struggle and constant work to remain their happiness as it is. Be prepared to face the reality of marriage life by following and your passion, love and happiness regardless of the married life issues and barriers.

Construct your identity

It quite true that when two people meet and get married then they become one to take every decision like financial and raising children. There are lot responsibilities. Because of they get so overloaded and lose their identity slowly. Its women tendency that to make their family and husband happy she does a lot of sacrifices and after some time lake of time gives them miserable and despondent. Never loss your identity and keep meeting with your friends at least once and you should not stop to do work what you like.

Keep in touch

Now a day very busy schedule of life creates complexity and do not have time to be touch with their spouses. To avoid this situation use electronic gadgets and send messages and call in a day and share your daily day feelings and work with them. Because of this you would be in touch with your love.

Positive outlook

If one member in a relationship gets depress and feel unhappy then it makes other partner also unhappy. Create bright side of your mind by thinking positive thoughts. Negative thoughts and unhappiness crate atmosphere of negativity. If your partner is in trouble and depressed then help him to solve that problem.

Believe your love

A happy married life is based on trust. This is the strong proof of true love. The core element of any successful married life is faith. If you believe in your love then it makes you invincible and make strong enough to face the harsh realities of life.

Solve love disputes by astrology

Solve love disputes by astrology

Everyone knows love has strength of immense power and no one can deny that it makes a person mentally strong that is why he/she can overcome all the troubles of life. Love is the feeling that creates and bring into forth close liaison between a couples. Only love can give a solace to a heart broken person hope of revival of life in a positive way.  If someone wants to understand the power of love then he/she has to love with someone special and if there is split in the relationship then this pain can be intolerable that can only be relieved by the companionship of a pure love. If you have also lost your love then can help of astrology. Astrology can tell you about the compatibility with your partner.

Love specialist astrologer

Rift can emerge in any relationship. It is not in our hand. Sometimes without thinking so much we say anything to a person that is why disputes create. Now a day to solve love problems loads of techniques are available. Vashikaran, jadu tona, tantra mantra, love specialist doctor and astrologer. Astrologer is the best option to solve your love problem. He can tell you about your love partner’s behavior, nature and their likes and dislikes. Compatibility between couples is basic need. To know about this compatibility astrologer is the remedy of your problem. Love specialist astrologer is the professional and experienced person and understands the love issues very clearly.

Get back your love

Sometimes we say that words to a person that we do not want to say. We could not control on our anger. Sometimes he/she do not have any intention to hurt their desired one but could not control on their own words. This problem can create rift in your relationship. If you have also lost your love because of this and now crave to get back your love then do not worry. Love astrology can help you to solve this problem. Loads of remedies are used in astrology that will help you to get back your love.

Manglik dosh shanti pooja

Manglik dosh shanti pooja

India is a country where traditions are followed from the ancient time under the guidance of astrologers. Marriage is a pious relation in India and before marriage matching of kundali prevalent. If the girl or boy has manglik dosh then there is lot of troubles to get marry. So people take help astrologers to remove this effect or with the guidance of astrologers they organize a pooja that is called manglik dosh shanti pooja.

Manglik dosh in India like a phobia. Without removing this marriage cannot happen. This is known that manglik dosh is the bad effect of mangal on a person. Some people strongly believe in and some take it as a myth. Till now questions are raised on this it is real or not. It is known that when mangal graha is in their first home, fourth home, 12th home then mangal dosh comes into the existence.

If bride or groom has mangal dosh and also shani dosh then the effect of manglik dosh becomes null because mangal and shani are reciprocals to each other. The effect of one removes the effect of other.

A experienced and professional astrologers are highly educated and perfect in the Vedic and outside country astrology. If they have experience of more than 12 year and have read thousands of readings and kundali then easily they can solve all your problems like love related, education related, business related, marriage related, career related etc…

If people definitely detect mangal dosh in their kundali then people should conduct a highly experienced

Pandit ji and astrologers. Only they can remove your mangal dosh. In this condition never take manglik dosh in an easy way because this is effect of graha and Nakshatra. If in your kundali they are not on their correct position then they can harm your career. Never try to do this pooja on their own because of the money saving. So if you have this dosh then this highly recommendable that it must be remove.


Sun mantra for removing any difficulty in life

Sun mantra for removing any difficulty in life

In practice occurring during any stage of the journey is to prove that the relief and energy. In his life journey filled with action-packed day today working on Sundays, would like to stop. Many people have the time, the day of rest or relaxation from work proves the power and energy-giving.

However, learning of Hindu religion with theology deeds of worship on Sunday Suryadev healing, energetic and special watch to be exalted status in Power concedes there.

Especially during sun worship, various measures have also been described, even in the short time are very auspicious.

Confidence, hard work, effort or lack of spirit exalted position, prestige healing, successful and prosperous life are difficult to fulfill the wish. God also has a weakness or lack of self-confidence. Sun worship in religious measures to overcome it is considered the best. This successful life soon meets every desire.

Every Sunday morning, woke up especially after bathing in the sun temple of the nine planets known by particular mantra is always healthy, wealthy and distinguished life would have wished to proves.

– After the bath the red sun idol worship materials such as red sandalwood, hibiscus flower, to present intact. By the indulgence of a sweet made of jiggery or guar spells sun, remember to write down each and aarti – prosperity –

prathh Smrami Klu tatsviturvarnum  Rupam hi Mndlmrichoth Tonuryjunsi,

Samani Ysy Kirna: Prbwadihetun brahmaharatmakamlakshymchityrupam.

– Greetings to the Sun god at the head touching the ground is the ruin of all sins.

– After the worship of the sun god body – mind gets freedom from diseases circled with purity. Pavnta items barefooted for the round.

– Sun mantra meditation, sun hymnal text, a desire to prove to chant the sun.

– Sunday or septum or white lotus flowers with a red sun worship, fasting – fasting person pleased by the sun all the fame, success and is rich in pleasures.