kundli matching

The process of horoscope


It is known that to know about weather, crops and seasons forecast is the best idea. Early peoples believed the stars and planet as god and even they give a name of God to these shapes. They did not understand the causes behind the movement of these stars and planets. Astrologers and scientists who take interest in these stars extrapolate the reasons and secrets of cosmology and life experiences.

In ancient time each religion and cast had different meaning related to movement of stars and planets. Horoscope is like a chart of different shapes that depicts the position of houses and zodiac signs. Revelations of life secrets in advance is the back bone of horoscope and daily if you are able to know about the upcoming surprises then horoscope is the best astrological source.

Love compatibility is the biggest advantage of the horoscope because before going to involve in a relationship if you can reach the beliefs that your partner would be able to keep you happy and to fulfill your all desires then love horoscope is the best way.

Many people in India fervently believe in daily horoscope and even after waking up first they want to know about his horoscope and want to take idea that what the day of today will bring for him. Movement of stars and planets and position of them at the time of birth of a person decides the destiny of a person.

Kundali matching specialist astrologer

Kundali matching specialist astrologer

Now days loads of people gaining interest in astrology, kundali or horoscope. Motion of planets and sun and stars has a great effect on our lives it has proven many times. In India marriage without kundali matching is almost impossible. Marriage completely depends on matching. Non believers of astrology who never take interest in astrology gat concern with astrologers for marriage or kundali matching. Kundali matching specialist astrologer is able to describe the predictions for both of partners about their compatibility with the partner and will they live happily in their later on life.

Specialist in Kundali

Now days many people who love someone also take interest in match making if they want to marry with each other. They want to live happily with their partner without any trouble that is why they consult specialist in kundali. Kundali matching includes the birth date, time of birth, sex of individual and position of sun stars related to solar system at the time of person’s birth. Specialist in kundali matches you and your partner’s kundali and predicts how much gun match of both of you.

Kundali matching

Kundali matching is done before marriage to match gunas of bride and groom. If count of gunas that matched of both of you then it said good match and both will be able to face life difficulties and hardship with the help of each other. If count of match gunas is less then it is advised that this match is not good and in future this marriage will not successful. Kundali matching plays a vital role in marriage decision.

Kundli specialist astrologer

Kundali specialist astrologer makes kundali according to many criteria like position of stars and sun with solar system at the time of birth of a person. If kundali do not match then they advice people to back out from marriage decision with that person. Peoples that believe in kundali matching accept this decision. Kundali specialist astrologer is the important person in people’s life to take marriage decision.

Know their good luck by kundli

Know their good luck by kundli

Fate or luck, are words that have a profound influence on our lives. Any pleasure – pain, success – failure, prosperity – is seen associated with poverty luck, If you want to know when the best time to come & at what age will accompany them luck. Bhrigu Samhita Here’s what age will learn how to see in the chart, with luck.

Find the fortune of seeing old Ascendant –

Bhrigu Samhita is a book in which all the information is astrology. According to the Code ascendant horoscope when will that person’s fortune? The first price is the amount of the coil, the coil is assumed to have the same ascendant. Here’s your horoscope fortune of seeing the first sense potential age…

Ascendant Aries Horoscope

Ascendant is Aries Horoscope people who usually their fortune 16 years of age, 22 years old, 28 years old, 32 years old, and at the age of 36 may.

Ascendant Taurus Horoscope

His ascendant is Taurus horoscope fortune of those aged 25 to 28 years of age, 36 years of age and 42 years of age may luck.

Ascendant Gemini Horoscope

Gemini ascendant horoscope fortunes of those have the age of 22, 32, 35, 36, 42 years. In this age of these people may luck.

Horoscope for Cancer Ascendant

Those who have Cancer Ascendant horoscope, his stroke at age 16, 22 years old, 24 years old, 25 years old, 28 years old, 32 years of age may be.

Leo ascendant horoscope

Horoscope for Leo Ascendant people, their stroke at the age of 16, at the age of 22, at the age of 24, at the age of 26, at the age of 28 or 32 years of age may be.

Ascendant Virgo Horoscope

Ascendant Virgo Horoscope stroke in people who may age in years – 16 years, 22 year, 25 year, 32 year, 33 year, 35 year and 36 year.

Ascendant Libra Horoscope

Ascendant is Libra horoscopes of people, their fate at the age of 24 may rise. If you do not stroke at age 24 after 25 years of age, at the age of 32, at the age of 33, at the age of 35 may luck.

Ascendant Scorpio Horoscope

Ascendant Scorpio Horoscope stroke in people aged 22 to 24 years of age, at the age of 28 or 32 years of age may be.

Ascendant Sagittarius Horoscope

Ascendant Sagittarius horoscope of people, their stroke at the age of 16, at the age of 22 or 32 years of age may be.

Ascendant Capricorn Horoscope

Horoscope Capricorn Ascendant stroke in people 25 years of age or 33 years of age or 35 years of age or 36 years of age may be.

Ascendant Aquarius Horoscope

Ascendant is Aquarius horoscopes of people, their stroke at the age of 25, at the age of 28, at the age of 36 or 42 years of age may be.

Horoscope for Pisces Ascendant

Horoscope for Pisces Ascendant stroke in people 16 years of age, at the age of 22, at the age of 28 or 33 years of age may be.


Manglik dosh shanti pooja

Manglik dosh shanti pooja

India is a country where traditions are followed from the ancient time under the guidance of astrologers. Marriage is a pious relation in India and before marriage matching of kundali prevalent. If the girl or boy has manglik dosh then there is lot of troubles to get marry. So people take help astrologers to remove this effect or with the guidance of astrologers they organize a pooja that is called manglik dosh shanti pooja.

Manglik dosh in India like a phobia. Without removing this marriage cannot happen. This is known that manglik dosh is the bad effect of mangal on a person. Some people strongly believe in and some take it as a myth. Till now questions are raised on this it is real or not. It is known that when mangal graha is in their first home, fourth home, 12th home then mangal dosh comes into the existence.

If bride or groom has mangal dosh and also shani dosh then the effect of manglik dosh becomes null because mangal and shani are reciprocals to each other. The effect of one removes the effect of other.

A experienced and professional astrologers are highly educated and perfect in the Vedic and outside country astrology. If they have experience of more than 12 year and have read thousands of readings and kundali then easily they can solve all your problems like love related, education related, business related, marriage related, career related etc…

If people definitely detect mangal dosh in their kundali then people should conduct a highly experienced

Pandit ji and astrologers. Only they can remove your mangal dosh. In this condition never take manglik dosh in an easy way because this is effect of graha and Nakshatra. If in your kundali they are not on their correct position then they can harm your career. Never try to do this pooja on their own because of the money saving. So if you have this dosh then this highly recommendable that it must be remove.


Horoscope is about Kundli and prediction of life

Horoscope is about Kundli and prediction of life

Horoscope, this word exists in every human beings life. In India this word is much popular. Horoscope is all about to know their past, present, future. Human brain moves so fast against air.

There are many trained astrologers that can tell about you with the help of Vedas. Now days every human wants to fly and know to get success what should he do or do not.

Horoscope can be described in many ways like kundali matching, love horoscope, predictions about future. According to day, week, monthly basis predictions generated.

12 zodiac signs are popular in horoscope according to human’s day of birth and month. These zodiac signs play a vital role in knowing the person’s nature, how will be their day today and what color will be lucky for them.

Horoscope defines on the basis of position of sun related with planets in the solar system. Horoscope is defined in different terms according to the astrologers of different countries like Indian horoscope, Chinese horoscope.

In India every occasion’s day is decided according to the position of stars. Then a suitable day is decided to organize the occasion. To read horoscope a chart in which a triangle is drawn and shows the position of planets.

In India when any marriage occasion is decided then before that sun sign is matched of boy and girl. In newspapers every day a horoscope column is published and everyone is eager in knowing, how will be  their today’s day, what should he do and do not, what’s the lucky color, lucky number etc.

Some persons also exist that do not believe in these facts and says all these are myths. From the ancient time these horoscope predictions are carrying on and will be continuing…