how to remove manglik dosh?

Are you manglik? If yes then apply these measures in an auspicious date

manglik dosh

In Hindu religion matching of Kundali of bride and groom is an ancient tradition. After matching of Kundali marriage is fixed. Some things are necessary to keep mind when matching the Kundali like whether someone is manglik or not between boy and girl. If anyone is manglik between them then this marriage could not happen.

According to astrology if both boy and girl are manglik then marriage can take place. this is the reason there are lot of troubles in marriage of the manglik boy or girl.

Manglik girl can marry only with a manglik boy
according to astrology there is a special effect of mars planet on a manglik person. If mars planet is auspicious then it can make the person prosperous and successful. Manglik person has some specials with his life partner regarding love life that can be fulfilled only by the manglik person. Because of this manglik girl can marry only with a manglik boy.

Know via kundali who is manglik
In Kundali a lot of dosh are told. Mangal dosh is one of the dosh among them. That person is called manglik who has this mangal dosh. When mangal is situated in place of 1,4,7,8 and 12 then it means that person is manglik.

Because of the effect of mangal planet these people are of angry nature. According to astrology manglik person can perform marriage only with a manglik person. If mars are cause of the inauspicious effects then that person can get harm in many fields. If a person does work related to land then he gets special grace of Mars planet.