Horoscope matching

Horoscope essence

Horoscope essence

Horoscope plays a mesmerizing and thrilling effect in our life and it is always curious to know about the definition of horoscope and effect on our life of it. To know about the horoscope it is must to have clear concept about horoscope.  Horoscope is basically a diagram which shows the position of heavenly planets and stars made by experienced astrologer according the birth data of a person. Indeed horoscope is defined as a birth chart of a person. You know your zodiac sign because of the horoscope. Zodiac sign describes the personality of a person according to the position of stars and planets in a horoscope chart.

The concept of horoscope is taken from the ancient concepts of great astrologers. According to this concept earth is fixed and planets moves around the earth. This whole system is divided in 12 portions and this depicts 12 zodiac signs that describe the human nature.  To know about future prediction and any question or any other question you may know with the calculation of horoscope chart.

Horoscope is the magical source to disclose the hidden information within your name, birth date, birth time.  Horoscope is not only the tool to know about their behavior but also you can predict about your compatibility and love horoscope. You can know about career, financial and health issues.

Daily horoscope via online websites and monthly horoscope or weekly horoscope can guide you perfectly to know about your future prediction. Horoscope is the best way that can aware you about future events and you may prepare you mentally for next to face the situations.

May online service services of free horoscope helps you to know about the prediction without any cost. With this easy way any type of help that may relate to career, health or business or any other problem.

Know their good luck by kundli

Know their good luck by kundli

Fate or luck, are words that have a profound influence on our lives. Any pleasure – pain, success – failure, prosperity – is seen associated with poverty luck, If you want to know when the best time to come & at what age will accompany them luck. Bhrigu Samhita Here’s what age will learn how to see in the chart, with luck.

Find the fortune of seeing old Ascendant –

Bhrigu Samhita is a book in which all the information is astrology. According to the Code ascendant horoscope when will that person’s fortune? The first price is the amount of the coil, the coil is assumed to have the same ascendant. Here’s your horoscope fortune of seeing the first sense potential age…

Ascendant Aries Horoscope

Ascendant is Aries Horoscope people who usually their fortune 16 years of age, 22 years old, 28 years old, 32 years old, and at the age of 36 may.

Ascendant Taurus Horoscope

His ascendant is Taurus horoscope fortune of those aged 25 to 28 years of age, 36 years of age and 42 years of age may luck.

Ascendant Gemini Horoscope

Gemini ascendant horoscope fortunes of those have the age of 22, 32, 35, 36, 42 years. In this age of these people may luck.

Horoscope for Cancer Ascendant

Those who have Cancer Ascendant horoscope, his stroke at age 16, 22 years old, 24 years old, 25 years old, 28 years old, 32 years of age may be.

Leo ascendant horoscope

Horoscope for Leo Ascendant people, their stroke at the age of 16, at the age of 22, at the age of 24, at the age of 26, at the age of 28 or 32 years of age may be.

Ascendant Virgo Horoscope

Ascendant Virgo Horoscope stroke in people who may age in years – 16 years, 22 year, 25 year, 32 year, 33 year, 35 year and 36 year.

Ascendant Libra Horoscope

Ascendant is Libra horoscopes of people, their fate at the age of 24 may rise. If you do not stroke at age 24 after 25 years of age, at the age of 32, at the age of 33, at the age of 35 may luck.

Ascendant Scorpio Horoscope

Ascendant Scorpio Horoscope stroke in people aged 22 to 24 years of age, at the age of 28 or 32 years of age may be.

Ascendant Sagittarius Horoscope

Ascendant Sagittarius horoscope of people, their stroke at the age of 16, at the age of 22 or 32 years of age may be.

Ascendant Capricorn Horoscope

Horoscope Capricorn Ascendant stroke in people 25 years of age or 33 years of age or 35 years of age or 36 years of age may be.

Ascendant Aquarius Horoscope

Ascendant is Aquarius horoscopes of people, their stroke at the age of 25, at the age of 28, at the age of 36 or 42 years of age may be.

Horoscope for Pisces Ascendant

Horoscope for Pisces Ascendant stroke in people 16 years of age, at the age of 22, at the age of 28 or 33 years of age may be.


History behind reading of horoscope

History behind reading of horoscope

When we have trust in readings of horoscope then it is termed as science. Peoples who do not believe in horoscope say it is all nonsense. Sky is filled with stars and planets and when we try to look them but we cannot see them. Stars and planets above are mystery for us. This is wonder for us how the planets move with alignment and their movement changes our lives.

Humans’ nature and behavior or their career is decided according to these planets.  These stars contains many questions for us and many answers without undiscoverable. These questions are hugely unexplored. Our great ancestors tried so much to find out the answers of this mystery. Measurably they are successful to find out the answers.

Horoscope is the study of the effect of stars and planets on human’s life. It is known that human’s nature, their behavior or love relations are decided on the position of planets according the solar system at the time birth of that person.

Horoscope is built with two aspects zodiac sign and kundali matching. There are 12 zodiac sign in horoscope and these signs play so much important role in deciding about people’s future prediction.

Daily horoscope is published on horoscope websites via online horoscope or publishes on news papers. People who are interested about to know their how today’s day will be for them or what color and number is lucky for them or how they should behave today  see these sites. This daily horoscope decided according to birth date and month.

Kundali is work like match matching. In India it is known that marry without kundali matching of bride and groom is hoodoo. That is why before marriage gun matching of bride and groom is compulsory under the guidance of experienced astrologers. Match making decides that if gun of boy and girl match then this marriage is possible.

If you want to know about your love horoscope then your zodiac sign is the answer. When will you get your love or you will do love marriage or arrange marriage all these question’s answers are exist within sun sign.

Horoscope is about Kundli and prediction of life

Horoscope is about Kundli and prediction of life

Horoscope, this word exists in every human beings life. In India this word is much popular. Horoscope is all about to know their past, present, future. Human brain moves so fast against air.

There are many trained astrologers that can tell about you with the help of Vedas. Now days every human wants to fly and know to get success what should he do or do not.

Horoscope can be described in many ways like kundali matching, love horoscope, predictions about future. According to day, week, monthly basis predictions generated.

12 zodiac signs are popular in horoscope according to human’s day of birth and month. These zodiac signs play a vital role in knowing the person’s nature, how will be their day today and what color will be lucky for them.

Horoscope defines on the basis of position of sun related with planets in the solar system. Horoscope is defined in different terms according to the astrologers of different countries like Indian horoscope, Chinese horoscope.

In India every occasion’s day is decided according to the position of stars. Then a suitable day is decided to organize the occasion. To read horoscope a chart in which a triangle is drawn and shows the position of planets.

In India when any marriage occasion is decided then before that sun sign is matched of boy and girl. In newspapers every day a horoscope column is published and everyone is eager in knowing, how will be  their today’s day, what should he do and do not, what’s the lucky color, lucky number etc.

Some persons also exist that do not believe in these facts and says all these are myths. From the ancient time these horoscope predictions are carrying on and will be continuing…

Marital property matching –

Horoscope matching is possible without you married? Often face questions such as Pt. believe that the young men – women when deciding the context of marriage is absolutely essential to the matching of horoscopes , but in some cases one or both of the coil is not available . In such a coil to match the name survives only basis. Native to match the name attribute is only meaningful when naming constellation rise time – steps to be taken. In most cases that does not happen. In such properties can be matched according to numerology. Not only in Europe but also in accordance with Indian mystics each act is special. In daily practice, it has been observed that a particular point in every person’s life is important.

Match the properties of the base

Enrollment in math, Radix and Bagyank these three types are decided by points. Enrollment smallest sum of the letters of the name, birth date and the sum of the base date of birth, month and year Bagyank is called yoga. Learn about the Swami and the amount of points earlier. Singh is the owner of the Sun and the amount of 1 point, 2 points is the owner of the moon and the amount Kirk, owner of 3 and 7 points respectively Devguru Jupiter and their sum: Sagittarius and Pisces, Aquarius, 4 and 8 digits lord Saturn and the amount and Capricorn Mercury and Gemini and Virgo are both masters of 5 points 6 points of the same type and amount lord Venus is Taurus and Libra Aries and Scorpio and 9 points is the owner Tue and amount. Talking of elements and fuels these points one , three and nine points Fire – Head and divine element properties , two and seven water element and emotional qualities head , air elements and intellectual property with four and five points , six and eight Earth elements and attributes that are practical about the nature and properties of these Jatkon Hna .

Gunmilan and Results

According to Numerology groom – bride matching properties as a result of both enrollments can be determined as follows…

1 – The God of points : 1 points will remain the same enrollment due to infighting and controversy , the enrollment of girls in both marital two remain so for some reason , attractive and happily married with three points each girl will Virgo enrolled gratuitous dispute between the two will continue to be four , five enrollment householder life will be fine with that girl , seven , and nine -figure girl happy and blissful married life with eight points each girl will get with the simple pleasures center.

2 – Digit with God: it points to the moon and most planets have their friendship. Hence the two points and seven points with God all points except the girls with the girls will be happy married life.

3 – digit with God : the God with three points , two , six , eight and nine points marriage successful and happy lives with the girls , three , four, five points marital difficulties and rapport with the girls lacks the normal level and with the number seven girls is married .

4 – Digit with God: the God with this issue, three, six, seven and nine points is not happy married life with the girls while the girls usual with eight points and two , four and five digits is happy and joyous married life with girls .

5 – digit with God : one , two , five , six and eight points zooid pleasant and happy conjugal lives with the girls , the girls three and nine points in marital conflict, girls and four and five of the seven enrollment points that God is married to a normal level .

6 – digit with God : An excellent point of Virgo , Virgo Ankwali unusual two , three , five , seven , eight and nine points, the girls struggle with marriage event successful and four -figure and six-figure Virgo Virgo pleasant remains wedded together .

7 – Digit with God: the God with seven points, three -and six-figure sweet marriage of girls. With two and four point’s lacks sweetness and five girls, eight and nine- coordinated with some difficulties but Hna succeed in crossing the ferry.

8 – digit with God : one , four , eight and nine points does not marry with the girls , two and three points common with the girls and five , six and seven -figure of eight with girls bridesmaid Marriage is successful and excellent .

9 – digit with God : God having this issue with one, two , three , six and nine points, the girls are happy and successful marriage context , four -and eight -figure girls should not marry because Tue effects Conditions of isolation may also occur due to the four -and seven -figure girls is married with a normal level .