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Keep these things in mind when broom-wiped, get pleased Lakshmi

Keep these things in mind when broom-wiped, get pleased Lakshmi

Room-wiped clean and the house are dirt free. In totaling, here are a number of points to be taken connecting to these also can be so pleased to Mahalakshmi. According to the scriptures, the remove is also measured a form of Mahalakshmi. Appearance of scarcity is to sweep out the dust. In each corner of the home is clean, there is a positive atmosphere.

Where and how to keep the broom

Sweep the bad from entering the home is broken. So keep in brains the connection of broom from happiness.

1. The release space is measured a bad sign to sweep, so keep it secreted.

2. Do not put the swab in the dining room; it may end up home-based food. as well, you may have to face fitness problems.

3. If you’re outside broom in face of the door at nighttime to keep every day, it does not enter the house of negative energy. This effort should only in night time. Keep defeat day sweep.

These measures at home, when wiped

If you take the ground in the house, the water should also be in small amount salt. Dirt free the floor to put salt water microorganisms found to be smashed. Also, the house will be over harmful energy.

Broom-related prognostic omen

1. If a child is put in place should rapidly sweep unnecessary guests coming in the house.
2. After evening sweep at home by mistake and should not be wiped. This is measured a bad omen.
3. Sweep the leg is supposed to not exist in mistake. When this happens, Lakshmi gets angry. It is a terrible sign.



Secrets of happy family

Secrets of happy family

Eternal culture and philosophy, root or even lifeless things, or concerning the life looking for attention, positive thinking the right way to live through many threads are exposed. Vedic times as many animals and birds religious fervor fiction stories-stories exposed through practical education and policies are evidence of this.

This link is particularly interesting and popular fiction is big Hitopdesh. Animals, birds are the main character of the story, through which, in fact, humans have been exposed to behavior and trends. These life, politics and practice involving multiple threads and lessons are described.

Hitopdesh, the ancient Sanskrit language policy has a prominent place in the narrative literature. It is composed by Narayan Pandit, who was a poet in the state of Dhavlcndra king of Bengal. Rcnakal are not about the individual, according to his name associated with the lives of welfare Hitopdesh preach. The stories aim to teach practical knowledge to humans. According the king ignorant sons of PanditSudarshan. Vishnu Sharma useful lives of many inhabitants were given knowledge through interesting tales.

– Get money every day in this world, to be disease-free body, and well-spoken woman who get too much love, obedience to the Son and religion, meaning, learning to work and receive the salvation that these four Efforts are six pleasures ‘s. Must not fail them no chance of accumulating.

– Debts of the father, the mother adultery, loving husband to the beautiful but stupid woman or wife and son are like the enemy.

– Despite relying on luck to complete the work and toil of any human being should not Codna. Tilo without work the same way as the oil may not be able to extract any individual.

– Lakshmi delight in earthly life is only on hard-working person. “Luck is everything,” says a weak and timid person, not being so dependent on luck should work according to their abilities. After persistent efforts, even if that does not work or does not succeed, it has to be something missing and believes that efforts must move on.

– As long as a person does not take the risk associated with birth and death, he finds that his welfare elicit well-fortunately does not happen. Once any purpose any of the peril he lives, then it is certain that the welfare auspicious receives. In simple terms Mahalaxmi reside in courage and daring man meet such auspicious Lakshmi very pleased.

– In mundane life, favored by a wrong action or thought or desired to be proven to work, even if the result is bad. Likewise, the way come in contact with poison nectar placed in the pot, it can cause death.

Shiv remedy to solve any problem

Shiv remedy to solve any problem

Religious beliefs or feelings in the night, the darkness of evil powers to dominate the time period is also a symbol of ghosts, vampires, also known as Dakini or Shakini. Lord Shiva is believed to control these evil forces, whom he also called Mahadev are BhutbavnMahakala.

Indeed, the symbolic sign that the evils, faults or defects in the life of sorrow, poverty and anguish of sex to avoid the blackout so good as Shiva’s devotion by wearing armor create happy and successful life. In the scriptures, particularly during evening worship Shiva as the day Monday, dog-date, chaturdasi date, full moon, new moon or even Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi visits every day, dusk time period considered, the evening also home to the attention of Shiva – to protect the family from disasters and is considered to be joyful.

Measure –

– Evening worship of Shiva Panchopchar smell, intact, figures, flowers are lifted to Bilvptr and datura.

– Shiva worship the cow’s milk YadhaSakti seasonal fruit such as bananas or sweet incense and ghee lamp items dedicated to the enjoyment.

Shiva devoutly religious Hindu Goddess Lakshmi are also pleased.highlights importance.

To satisfy these desires to worship Shiva is the simple procedure described in the scriptures. This special day of worship Shiva on Monday to lack of money and is effective in removing poverty. Learn how to measure –

– Morning stream of holy water on the Shivling devoted bath items smell or white sandalwood.

– The desire to gain wealth, particularly the rice must offer intact on the Shivling. It should be Akndit the whole rice.

– Shivling or Shiva statue garments without the prior written down on Vedic chanting the mantra with faith and devotion dedicated to rice.

– Then Shiva odor, lotus flower, dear to Shiva, datura, coconut and may present Bilvptr. Shiva Aarti by oblation and amenities – Property pray.

According to the scriptures, Shiva created in multiple formats, following the creation and control. Shiva is worshiped in these formats – eleven Rudra, whose remembrance of all earthly and spiritual desires are supposed to fulfill.

Jalandhar – the abode of Goddess Lakshmi powers here

Located in the west of India, Jalandhar, and Punjab state’s third- largest city. The name of the mighty and the powerful demon king Jalandhar Jalandhar Jalandhar’s name was called had its capital. Samudra Manthan was born at Jalandhar. But his wife Vrinda great king of Jalandhar demoniac was a faithful woman. Fidelity to husband his limitless powers contained in Jalandhar was only on the strength of religion which he had picked himself immortal ajar and concentrated on his envy mother Goddess Parvati Lakshmi was sitting Anv.

Goddess Lakshmi was born during the churning sea monster Jalandhar so she accepted her brother. Goddess Parvati was desperate to Mount Kailash, the Goddess Parvati when she disappeared from there. When Lord Shiva came to know the purpose of coming to Jalandhar neither fierce battle took place.

Mother Parvati, Lord Vishnu made ​​aware of the bad intentions of Jalandhar. Fidelity to husband his wife was with Jalandhar religion until it was impossible to overcome. So Jalandhar Lord Vishnu fidelity to husband dressed as a religion of Vridan disbanded. As soon as the breach of fidelity to husband Vridan Jalandhar religion was defeated in battle. When he learned of the deception of Vishnu Vridan God gave rock and Cshap of being consumed them. The place where he was born basil plant at the location that was consumed.

Basil the form of Lord Vishnu, Sri Lakshmi Rai Ji’s blessed me with a very sweet of you and may you always be with me . Without you I have no desire neither complete nor worship. Vrinda’s sati temple is on the spot which is currently located in Mohalla Kisnchand coat.

Sri Devi Talab Mandir is one of 51 power benches. Durga temple situated in the middle of the sacred lake, mother Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati as the Mr. exist. Every year Mr. Hribllb music is organized. Temple complex, hospital, Moor Hall, hospice and canteen facilities are available. Sanatana Dharma around the temple while other temples like the ancient Mahakali temple deities , Ma Vaishno Devi cave , the cave of Amarnath , the mausoleum of Baba Ji Hemgiri , Shri Ram Darbar etc. . This is center of devotion. Doaba Chowk, Tanda Road near Sri Devi Talab Mandir is located on the route.

Mr. Siddha Baba Temple and pond Sodl is live to be 200 years old. Before that it was surrounded by thick forests. Many Sraddhalujn come to the temple for the fulfillment of their wishes. This temple is famous as the location perfect. Sidiyhan a pond around which remains fixed and the remaining snake pops up in the middle of a round format. Anant Chaturdashi of Bhadrapada special fair is held here. Chadha fraternity Sodl Jtere Baba bows every religion and community. Upon fulfillment of his vow, people band – accompanied Baba to come to the court of law. Baba Ji left offerings of gifts and 14 Rote Rote, of which 7 are as offerings to get back. But he can eat offerings daughter of the house to her husband and children is prohibited. Currently exists on the temple Sodl road.


Good day before the solstice on January 11 , monolithic These seven measures to Lakshmi-

This month, January 11, 2014 , is an auspicious day on Saturday . Measures taken home by the day – family and child is free from hazards. Putrada Ekadashi particular importance in this day and explained the Scriptures. Shrihari God to worship the Lord on Ekadasi Mahalakshmi leads to monolithic Lakshmi. Vishnu is worshiped on this day to the person ‘s life would not have a shortage of funds .

In a month or two Akadsian comes on every Ekadashi isolated scriptures individually is reported stories. Putrada Ekadashi is a very strong story about being told here.

– Lakshmi, wife of Lord Narayana and Narayana are the favorites. Their origin is from the churning sea . Shel, pearl, shell, penny from the sea are dear to Narayana. Hence, even in this day and worship Lakshmi Puja sure to include items from the see. These things must have then on Lakshmi Puja. After these things in place to worship wealth funds is increased.

– The Day Laxmi – Vishnu and Lakshmi at the main entrance of the house- by -step install .

– Sriyantra , Knkdhara equipment, proved to Kubera making equipment is kept in a safe place or worship .

– Dkshinavarti shellfish Dnagmn worship and to the establishment and attainment of happiness is Lokbiswas.

– The day of Ganesh worship and establishment figures to get the blessing of prosperity .

– Lakshmi Puja or seafood in coconut coconut Akakshi worship will not lose and keep it in a safe and prosperity.

– Lakshmi puja at night and then laying a wreath of lotus and lily bulbs moist beads Mahalcshmaya H Lakshmi Mantra: chant. It gives the pleasure of Goddess Lakshmi .


21 grains of rice to these measures, Lakshmi, would be pleased –

Today, it would be a person who does not want the money. His purses are always full of money you want to spend and do not be wasteful. Good luck with the hard work to earn more money also important. After working in some circumstances not get enough money or savings can not be due to the excess of expenses.

If a planet in the horoscope may hinder the person facing poverty. Planet defects caused by the grace of Mahalakshmi are not being received, the photos here know One measure on which you will be pleased and cash-strapped Lakshmi will be away…

According to remedy any auspicious day or any day of the full moon get up early in the morning. To retire from the continual actions. Take a red silk cloth later. Subsequently, yellow turmeric rice grains to 21. Put 21 grains of rice straw in red cloth. Keep in mind the 21 grains of rice should be fully integrated, ie, do not put any broken grain. Take the clothes packed in the grains.

21 yellow rice grains in red dress after tying the Goddess of wealth Lakshmi predestination to the worship. Place rice in a red cloth tied it in worship. After Liturgy rice tied in a red cloth and keeps hidden in my purse. Mahalaxmi so pleased to receive ongoing financial matters and obstacles vanish.

The financial difficulties that are going to be away. Keep in mind that any type of purse should not necessarily religious object. In addition, the keys should be kept in a purse . Coins and banknotes isolated arrangements should be arranged. Do not put bills or other paper with notes. Do not put any unnecessary object purse .

Use turmeric to rice yellow. Pour some water in the turmeric. 21 grains of rice in the wet now add turmeric. Take the good with the color of turmeric rice. Rice will paint to dry hereafter. This type of work ready to worship yellow rice.

According to the scriptures of yellow rice goddess worshiped in karma – the gods are pleased to receive very soon. Any goddess – to invite the gods are yellow rice. God must have been invited by yellow rice shows up devout household. Mahalaxmi purse so pleased if you would continue to keep the yellow rice.