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Astrology kundali matching is advance prediction of a healthier married life

kundali matching

Kundali matching is the excellent service for the bride and groom who wants to marry with each other. For love marriage, arrange marriage in each relation kundali matching is the beneficial step to stop or save upcoming hurdles. Marriage is a very sacred relation for each one and each one wants to spend a beautiful life with his partner. Astrology is the basic concept of stars and planets and these stars and planets have vital existence in married life of couples. Astrology houses like fifth, seventh, and ninth are the cause of success or failure of marriage. Horoscope chart i.e. called as natal chart also is known for human’s secret.

Before marriage kundali of both of the bride and groom is matched and extract the outcome that how much gun they have same. According to astrology astrologer says that there are 36 guns and if matched gun are less than 18 then this marriage is impossible nevertheless they marry then there are quite chances that there will be much of disputes and they can meet with divorce also. If matched guns are more than 18 then this marry is possible and according to astrology rituals both can live a beautiful life.

Manglik dosh, this one is also a hurdle in a marriage. It is said that person who is affected by the manglik dosh get late marry and he or she can marry with the person who is also affected by the manglik dosh. If a person who is manglik and want to marry with a person who is not affected by this dosh then astrology has many solutions to remove the effect from the person.