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Existence of astrology in human being’s life


Astrology has existence in almost people’s life because whenever they want to start new business, want to organize any event or planning for family functions like wedding ceremony, naamkaran, ghar sanskar and so on in each occasion discussion with astrologer is must. To search a bode well day and appropriate day to organize all the things dependent on astrologer and to some extent it is quite right because arrangement of planets and stars in human being’s life have a great existence and this existence cannot avoid. Avoidance of these facts can ruin life and may become misfortune for you.

Here it is mean is not that you should scared about all these facts and must to follow, even there are many people exist who take astrology as rubbish. But astrology is an earlier study and in our scriptures and mythologies it has their own importance that is acceptable by everyone.

Astrology in real life

Astrology is study of our great experienced sages and saints as well as study of science also. Science has proved many facts of astrology that are acceptable all over the world. But some people are also who argue that implications and repercussions are has no ground about the past events. Astrology has many techniques that can forecast your future as well as past. But hard work, dedication to their work and courage is the source to make the destiny and astrology is the way to prepare your future with known predictions.