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Horoscope Reduce Impacts Of Bad Planetary Position

Horoscope Reduce

According to the vedic astrology all planets have equal importance in our life and that they have differing kinds of influence. Incorrect placement of planets in our horoscope will cause diseases or alternative negative effects in life. The influence of dangerous planet is nothing else than a weak moment in your life. However dangerous effects of planets are reduced though not totally reversed by mistreatment astrological remedies. These remedies embody recitation/chanting of secret words.

These are some sacred remedies of issues caused by dangerous planet effects:


Bad position of sun in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Body components become stiff and therefore the person feels issue within the movement, mouth is usually full with saliva etc.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Before going outside, eat some sweets and drink some water, donation of jiggery, copper and wheat, immerse the copper coin within the flowing water of a lake and skim the sacred Purana -Harivanshpuran.



Bad position of Moon in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Water resources within the house have one or the opposite drawback, well or lake in house if any becomes dry.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Immersed silver within the flowing water, pot filled with milk or water ought to be unbroken close to the bed whereas sleeping and within the next day morning through this into the roots of kikar tree.


Bad position of Mars in your horoscope might cause many issues like :       

Joint pain hitch, deficiency of blood, argument atmosphere, if you have got kid then he/she might suffer as a result of some diseases.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Feed the dogs, give sweet product of benny and jiggery, red massor dhal within the temple, recite Hanuman chalisa everyday etc.


Bad position of Mars in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Because of this planet’s dangerous impact, you’ll be able to feel weakness.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Wear emerald ring within the pinky, immersed copper coin with a hole within the center within the flowing water, feed cows with inexperienced fodder etc.


Bad position of Venus in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Skin illness, weakness etc

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Donate fodder for the cows, wear diamond ring within the next to pinky etc.


Bad position of Saturn in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Hair loss within the eyelids and eyebrows, surprising harm in house etc.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Donate iron and mustard oil, feed crows and fishes, Puja of Lord Shiva, Maa Kali or divinity Hindu deity etc.


Bad position of Rahu in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

It’s dangerous effects will take several tensions in your life.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Immerse coconut in water, Puja of maa Sarswati etc.


Bad position of Ketu in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Children stay sick, joint pain and injuries etc.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Feed the dogs; give black blankets to the close person.

Make your career bright with the effective services of astrology

Make your career bright with the effective services of astrology

Astrology services are inbuilt with the great analysis of astrologers and their great reading powers. In a human life astrology plays a great role that will make your life valuable and supreme. Career is the best place of human life where he or she enjoys each moment of life and sees his dream that is becoming true.

Astrology predictions for your career are best source. It is general that sometimes we could not take decision of our career because of many issues or confusion. So if you feel that you want to take a right decision and what would be right for you then you may go for astrology career prediction. A perfect decision on right time in your life for career is must as your future is dependent on that.

Career astrology is reading of your position of planets that blow a great impact on your life. Careful analyze of these natal chart shows in which field you may get success and can touch the sky.

Online career astrology is also provided by the astrologer to easily provide you these effective services. This is the best part of astrology that provides you facility of taking right decision of career for a great future. Correct decision of career makes you successful and gives you prosperity in life.  Because wrong decision of career can leave you in a stressful situation that can destroy your career. So make your career bright with the effective services of astrology

Astrology services to make your career bright


Astrology services has its divine and natural powers of predicting future and about your nature and what would be beneficial for you as well. Career problem in your life has been a serious matter of discussion if you do not have idea what you have to do. Astrology forecast for future according to your horoscope is wonderful idea that makes you enable to take a serious and wise decision according to your zodiac sign effects.

Planets and other celestial bodies position at the time of your birth plays great role and decide your future at that time. in this fast and running life competition is increasing day by day and each one is so talented in his field and touch sky heights. So it becomes so must that you should analyze your talent and capabilities to walk along with world. But sometimes it becomes so difficult to recognize out talent in that case astrology is the best solution is track your capabilities and desires.

Your kundali is the whole description about your future and career. Consult with a true astrologer who has complete knowledge about it can take right decision and can analyze your kundali very well. Position of stars in your kundali is not easy to read as each position says something. Specialist of astrology can tell you clearly what decision would be right for you.

What astrology says about your career?

career astrology

Career is the most important part of anyone’s life as this is the initial step towards a successful life. Career related issues are stressful as one wrong decision can make your life worse. It adds always choose that field in which you have interest but at times it becomes difficult to recognize the field in which you can achieve success and blissful moments of life. Career astrology is an intellectual decision to make your life better and to take write decision on time. There are many problems that make hurdle in your career life like you are unable to memorize stuff, do not have idea what you have to do next, problem to choose a subject etc are some issues that make your child tense.

Astrology says your natal chart is answer of all the questions. Janampatri of a person contains a chart according to exact position of planets at time of your birth that disclose all the secret about you like what would be beneficial for you and what decision may harm your career. Down in career and facing education related many problems can be because of the malefic effects of planets in your horoscope that can ruin your life badly.

Discussions with specialist of career astrology can help you to make a right decision and to rectify all the troubles in your decisions that has made by you without any knowledge. Intense study of astrology is a powerful remedy to exclude all the troubles of you.

Forecast career and business compatibility by astrology

career and business astrology

A reputable career makes a person satisfied from heart and mind. In this hi-tech time period everyone is running behind the success and in this running people lost their original life happiness and get stress. In each field everyone has been engaged in competitive strategy. Each one has spree to each other. After completing their study getting job is the main concern for everyone or peoples who are engaged in business want to take his business on sky heights. But human’s success and failure depends on his horoscope. It is well known that human’s nature is decided by the planetary position at the time of birth of that human. Astrology plays a great role to decide the success in career and business.

Make your career with astrology

Natal chart of a person is the key deciding point that in which area he or she would get success. In natal chart position of planets and stars is depicted of a person at the exact time of his birth. If you are confused about deciding their future then you can take help of the astrology and can have idea what will suit you. Sometimes we take step on that field where we cannot get success and our whole trials go in vain. That is why astrology prediction is the best idea to take a wise step in career.

Business astrology

Business astrology is the great idea to spread it in the market successfully. At times choosing profession that does not work according to your compatibility and your whole effort could not do well. If you want to make your business successful and in this competitive environment to get further business astrology is a finest idea.