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Astrology services on phone

astrology service on phone is almost same consideration of live astrology. At present astrology services are the most availing service that is especially provided to give you benefit of live astrology. Even you over the telephonic service you can use modern tools also like Skype that are more effective to give you benefit of astrology services.

In the area of business astrology has been playing their role for long time. Almost business man consults with astrologers about their prospects and decisions. Business astrology is much successful because it helps a lot to take wise decisions and it gives a lot of profit to business. It is known that business astrology is fully fledged branch of it because it can solve plenty of issues of business and helps in decision making in the situation of dilemma.

Business issues are not only related to growth only indeed there are many types business issues like-

  • Not able to decide which business to start
  • Process of invest in business
  • Right time of growth
  • Profit related issues
  • Partnership
  • Legal issues
  • Stock market decision

And else many other issues are there that vary according to persons requirement

Astrology is the solution of your all business problems as movements of planets and stars helps to take decisions and decide your nature and behavior. In the same way business astrology helps to take business related issues decisions like for business growth best time period, how to invest and which partner would be best for you and to take legal decisions.

Business partnership is the most risky work because loyal partners and trust is the basic need of any business. Before choosing your partner you can contact astrologers; they can solve your confusions and can tell you about the nature and behavior of that person.

Manglik dosh

Manglik dosh

Manglik you know what those words are used, which causes Manglik are a man or woman, having Manglik – what are the effects? If you want to know the answers to these questions salient Here Manglik attached to the term.

Who are Manglik?

There are many types of defects reported in astrology horoscope. One of these defects Tue defect. This defect occurs in the person’s horoscope is called the Manglik. If a person’s horoscope, the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th Manglik then that person would be located Tue.

Tue is the commander of the planets

According to astrology, the nine planets in the horoscope are listed individually set according to the state of our lives. We are also – sadly, successes or failures are received, as of all the nine planets are found. Tue these nine planets are general. Tue planet are related, Tue blame. Manglik Tue blame the person makes.

Marriage-related special thing

Manglik too many people are having a major influence on Tue planet receives. People who are Manglik, they keep their spouses, some special requirements that can only get a Manglik spouses. Manglik-Manglik why married people are the same people.

Tue sin Planet

Tue planet disciplinarian is proud and harsh nature. It is considered a sin because of the hardness of the planet Tue. Mangle dev. land will devout son and mother. That’s why all the people who respect their mother’s special grace. Tue hard working people, land, building on success simply does not work.

People are angry Manglik

People are grumpy nature of the effects Manglik Tue. Tue bad effects if you stop loss are achieved in many areas of the side effects. Tue planet to those relating to land a special worship – worship should be.

Grah dosh

Grah dosh

According to astrology the Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun, Moon, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the nine planets. Normally Jupiter (Guru), Mercury and the moon is considered auspicious planet and the Sun, Tue, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered inauspicious planet. Inauspicious planets are considered to be pathogenic. In contrast, all the planets and their bad affect Grah dosh specific release.

Between humans and the environment of planets adversely affect the energy flow. The effect of this imbalance of various diseases, disorders thrive. Pitta promotes the sun, hence the weak and be strong, both in case a problem arises.

Sun heart, stomach, bones and regulates the right eye. Because of the side effects headache, alopecia, fever, heart disease, irritability, vision, disease, dermatological, circulatory disorders, leprosy etc. The disease grows.

Crash wrath is of the sun, Stubby, Visby, theft and the risk of snakebite. Regular chanting of mantras is diagnosed by the sun.

Moon cuff trend is a combination of factors is considered including arthritis. Thus, mental disorders and emotional problems arise from its perversity and insomnia occurs and their Moon homeopathy, diarrhea, jaundice, tuberculosis. Dermatology.The disease gives rise to fear. Moon and gynecology Tue gives rise to a wide variety of yoga.

Tue is show bile factor. It is extremely violent and creates excitement. The head, marrow, bile, hemoglobin and regulates the uterus. Therefore related to outbreaks of disease occur Tue. Tue accident, injury, sprains, burns, surgery, hypertension, kidney stones, weapons and poisons that damage.

Wed tridosha (cough, vata, and pitta) is the parent. In case of perversity of Mercury with the Moon generates several mental disorders. Wed – skin, throat, nose, lungs and chiefs of frontal considered. This myopathy, mental miserable condition, hate speech, generates excitement and the diseases of these organs. Mercury is not the right conditions are awful nightmares.

Jupiter belongs to the cuff. The liver, spleen, pancreas, regulates the ears and fat. Mahdi distortions resulting from these organs are seen throughout the planet. The planet, obesity increases. The gross Tamas and inertia arises.

Vata and Pitta factor is the planet Venus. Regarding the planet lust (Sachs) is. The body of aquatic planet endocrine glands affects the entire disorders, Nephrology, lethargy, fatigue, etc. thrive. Thank disorders can be used to optimize work.

Saturn is the cuff nature and it includes some body parts as Chest, legs, feet, anus, organs, etc. The nervous system is the father. Side effects are extremely deadly and incurable disease. Cancer, strokes, tumors, fatigue, mental disorders, etc. due to the side effects of the disease are similar to Saturn.

Rahu and Ketu are two shadow planets. Rahu causes ulcers and fear the unknown. It is fear of snakebite. This period is mainly due to Srpyog places making life hell. Rahu with Moon gives rise to various phobias.

Ketu side effects can occur due to a variety of diseases. Tue, Ketu also faces the same procedure. Kudos is to humans when these planets are favorable, Rkiti, money – cereal, luck factor.

By removing the perversity of all these planets to achieve their fitness related equipment should hold mantras, or should. Gayatri Mantra is chanting the planet to continue to offer favorable terms to their favor.