Sun will transit in Gemini, how will it affect your zodiac sign?

As we know that on 15 June 2020, the Sun is entering Gemini from Taurus and will remain in it till 16 July. The Sun will pair here with Mercury and Rahu. With this, there will be a solar eclipse in Gemini on 21 June itself. So let us know in today’s article what effect this sun will have on all zodiac signs.


Efforts will increase. These efforts will give you success. Your enthusiasm and enthusiasm will increase. You will work fearlessly. You will get a chance to meet some new people, who will help in giving new direction to your business.


Sun will be visible in your wealth. Economic benefits are likely. During this time your money will increase. If you face any issues then get effective astrology solutions. If the money is held back, it will come to you. However, in the meantime a sense of harshness will be seen in your speech. You can speak loud language to people.


The Sun will pair with Mercury and Rahu. On June 21, a solar eclipse will occur in your own sign. One can see anger and aggression in your nature with the transit of the Sun. This nature will also have a negative effect in your married life.


Transit of the Sun will give mixed results. During this time it will enter your spending price. At this time, the totals of travel are also being made and your expenses will increase. At this time you will conquer your enemies. Changes in job transfer are being made.


Strong sun will give very auspicious results. This will enter your profit sense. Your income will increase in this period. You can achieve some kind of achievement. Although you may have a little pride in you. Your respect will increase in society.


The movement of the Sun is very favorable. You are likely to get good results especially in the field. During transit, your planet will give you respect in the field. If you have been facing problems in your field of work, then those problems will go away and talk to astrologers.


Your fortune will increase. You will climb up and take part in social work. Your mental strength will be strong. The decisions you take will also prove successful. During this time you will be transferred to the job.


Be careful about your health There are also chances of loss of money, so pay some attention to it. The mind will remain restless about the present circumstances. Do not let mental tension dominate you.


You will not get very good results. During this period, the Sun will enter your marriage house due to which it will have a negative effect on your married life. Spouse is likely to be estranged. But the conditions will be favorable for business.


You will get very favorable results in this period. Some good results can be obtained from the government sector. You will be successful in defeating your enemies too. If there is a case against you in the court, then its decision can come in your favor.


You will get mixed results in this period. Circumstances may seem opposite to you in love life. During this, there can be an argument about something with Priyatam. So take care of their feelings. Children can also have some kind of pain.


You will get respect in society. Ancestral property is likely to increase. Government sector will also get good benefits. If you work then you can get good increment and promotion in the job. However, there is a need to take care of mother’s health.

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