Mythological stories related to holy Shravan month of Lord Shiva

The word Shravan means to listen, that is, to listen to a religion and understand its importance. Our Vedas are called Shruti. That is, such knowledge that the sages had heard from God or told to people or human race. The month of Shravan is considered for devotion and satsang. There are many such stories about the month of Shravan which is very popular. In today’s article, we will tell you two such mythological stories.

Lord Parshuram started worshiping Shiva in Shravan month

Lord Parshuram worshiped his deity Lord Shiva regularly this month by filling Ganga water in Kavand and took him to the Shiva temple and he offered that water on the Shivling. You can also know through indian astrology. That is, Lord Parshuram, who runs the tradition of Kavad, is also worshiped in the month of Shravan. Lord Parshuram used to worship Shiva by taking water in Kavand every Monday of the month of Shravan.

Shiva is especially fond of Shravan’s Monday. Worshiping Lord Ashutosh with Ganga water and Panchamrit in Shravan provides coolness. It is said that Lord Shiva’s fast and worship began in Shravan month only due to Lord Parashurama.

Why is Shravan month special for Mahadev?

When Sanat Kumaras asked Mahadev the reason to love them in the month of Savan, Mahadev Lord Shiva told that when Goddess Sati sacrificed her body with yoga power in her father Daksha’s house, before that Goddess Sati gave Mahadev husband in every birth. If you want to know more then talk to astrologer. Vowed to get as In her second birth, Goddess Sati was born as a daughter in the house of Himachal and Queen Maina by the name of Parvati.

Parvati fasted hard in the month of youth in the month of Savarn and remained happy and married her, after which this month became special for Mahadev.

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