Some effective ways to lose weight

lose weight

To lose weight despite of yoga, exercise, and dieting the best way is walk. Without fatigue and discomfort of body you can lose weight. It means without breaking sweat and hungry you can lose weight by just walk. Here we are telling you few correct ways of walk that can help you to lose weight.

Break walk

Take 10 minute break while walking and in this time period do 15 push-ups, 40 jumping jacks, and 40 squats. Daily this type of walk will burn more calories and you will be in shape very quickly.

Fast walking

During walking your speed has more importance. The more you will walk, the more quickly you will be in shape. So do more walk and quickly. Everyday at least walk for 45 minute. Because of this you will get result nest week very soon.

Long walk

If you want to lose your weight very soon then twice in weak walk for long distance. If you walk for 2 or 3 meals then twice in weak do it for 4 or 5 meal. Due to this you will quickly finish your walk and would be in shape very soon.

Social walk

If you want to make your walk interesting then go for walk along with children, partner, neighbor and friends. Owing to you will not get bore and very soon will finish it.

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