Shravan Maas and its Importance

Shravan month is very importance month in Hinduism. It’s a one of the importance month of charturmas where people worship of lord Shiva in this month people worship the lord Shiva in different manner to fulfill their desired wishes. Especially the all Monday’s which arises in this month are specially celebrate by the people this Mondays is called “Shravan Somvar”. It falls in the fifth month according to Hindu calendar.

People dedicate this entire month to lord Shiva they avoid the bad thing in this month, do fast, dedicate fruits and donate money in temple of lord Shiva. It’s the believed that who fast on the Mondays of shravan Maas there wish definitely fulfill by lord Shiva. Some people do Strict Fast some do partial fast is this month.

Different type of Pooja done in Shravan Maas:

Pooja for marriage the people who having problem I n marriage they specially do the fast of “Shravan somvar” and by doing this they get marries as soon as possible.

Pooja is to be done for remove hurdles of life.

People do Pooja to get the blessing of lord Shiva. By which their life get smother and easily.

Pooja to get money and become rich is one of the wish of people behind performing the Pooja.

Advantage of fasting

For improving physical and mental health.

For Improving willpower and memory.

Woman’s fast on Monday they definitely get their perfect match partner.

Fasting removes the obstacles of negativity.

Devotes are blessed with spiritual bliss.

Thing to do in Shravan Maas

Wear the rudraksh mala and chant with using of rudraksh mala.

Chant maha mritunjya mantra as possible as you can do.

Offers the bhilpatra, milk, chandan, bhang and itra to lord Shiva.

Offer the panchamrut made of milk, yogurt, butter, honey and jiggery.

Recites the shiv chalisa and aarti.


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