Remove the worse effect of shani dosh

shani dosh

Shani dosh can ruined your life and may create many troubles in your life. It is said that if Saturn position is against you in your life then it van make your life miserable and you will become part of obstacles, misfortunes and troubles. Saturn is known as the one of the angriest planet among the nine planets. Bad effect of Saturn can destroy your business and can strip all the happiness of you. It is also said that if Saturn position is in your favor then you will get success in each step and will get all the happiness of this world.

Shani shanti puja gives you a guard protection against the Saturn’s evil effect and keep you safe. 6th celestial body that is called Shanivaar is son of the Surya and wife of Saturn is chaaya. He is elder brother of the death god Yama.

Shani dev also have extremely good effects also. Favorable position of Saturn brings fame in your life, in every task you get success, prosperity, health, wealth you gain. Otherwise Saturn planet gives so many troubles and may become the example of tragedies in your life. if Saturn is placed in your horoscope at favorable position then it brings success in your career and in your business.

It is believed that shani dev has the strongest malefic effects and also a teacher who teaches us endurance, endeavour, patience, efforts, humanity, delay, discipline, misery, sorrow, thoughts, happiness, restrictions, longevity, old age.

If you have badly affected by shani dosh then shani shanti puja has great effect to remove your all worse effect and make place of Saturn in your horoscope favorable. You can contact with specialist astrologers that know this technique or puja or online services are also available.


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