Remedies for Your Child’s Study


Studies are getting more completed day by day. Students are burdened with the load of study and that’s the reason they lost their interest from study and finds the ways to avoid the study because not only at school in fact after school time, at home also they not get relaxed from their studies tuitions, extra studies and force of parents make them too irritated and the reason is depression which is very harmfull for a human beings mind.

If you are the parents whose’ child is not attentive in studies then you should take help of astrological remedies instead of making them force for studies. Here are some magical remedies by Vedic astrology by using which you can easily make your child’s interest in his/her studies.

  1. Never sit for studies making front to wall because facing towards walls means we are blocking the path of positive energy so instead of making face towards wall, make your face towards window it will produce positive energy
  2. At the time of study make your face towards East or North or North East
  3. Keep a money plant in study room at east corner it will give positive energy and increase the concentration power of students
  4. Give a juice of Tulsi leaves mixed with mishri in every morning to your child. It will help them to increase their memory
  5. Wearing of five faced Rudarkahsa will help  a lot in studies
  6. Keep a green colored glass bottle with full of water under the sunbeam. It should be kept in under sun at least 6 to 8 hours. Then give this water to your child whenever he/she ask for water because this water is full of energy of mercury and mercury is a planet of wisdom and memory. Do this thing every day
  7.  “OM Aim Kleeng Saum Saraswatye Namaha”

Student should chant this mantra at least 21 times before they start studies and do the same as the ending time of study


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