Relation of Mars and Manglik Dosh


Manglik dosh is really not good for anyone’s life. When it reflects in anyone’s horoscope then it totally disturb a person’s life. And according to the astrology Manglik dosh arise when planet mars is placed in 12th, 8th, 2nd, 4th, and in 1st house. If except of these houses mars reflect in any other house then it gives malefic results but that does not belongs to Manglik dosh as Manglik dosh is a dosh which only reflect the person’s marriage.

The major disadvantage of having Manglik dosh in Kundali is creating lots of obstacles in person’s marriage. Or if somehow marriage is done then after marriage also it reflects on their relationship like there is no peace in relation, separation from spouse, death of spouse by any of reason etc.

Manglik dosh is also called kuja dosh, angaraka dosh, bhom dosha. Some of people have confusion in this that they have born on Tuesday that why they are Manglik….. But it’s totally misconceptions. Actually the thing is that Manglik dosh occur just cause of mars planet when it’s Accor in some above given houses.

According to Vedic astrology you can use these some remedies for Manglik dosh

  1. Should chant hanuman chalisa daily
  2. Chant gaytri mantra attest 108 time on daily basis
  3. Wear a red coral in gold in ring finger after consulting any good astrologer
  4. Marriage between two Manglik individuals is the best way for marriage of Manglik persons
  5. Kumbh vivah is also a good option for Manglik person’s marriage. According to Vedic astrology, Manglik person should firstly marry with the banana tree, silver golden ideal of lord Vishnu or people tree.
  6. Manglik person should do fast on Tuesday; it’s an effective remedy for Manglik peoples
  7. Manglik should chant navgrah mantra which is known as Mangal mantra. This mantra should be chant on Tuesday

So these are some remedies by using which you can reduce some effect of Mangal dosh from your Kundali.

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