Manglik dosh, prevention by astrology

manglik dosh

When a person has manglik dosh then it is said that that person is manglik. When planet mars is placed in 1, 4, 7th, and 8th or in 12th house in your horoscope then it is said that effect of mars is strong on that person. Planet mars is known for their courage, aggression, strength and endurance. Mars is the reason of delay in marriage for that person who has manglik dosh in their kundali. Even after marriage there are chances of disputes in married life and fear of death of spouse. In Indian astrology there are many solutions of manglik dosh that can be removed by astrologer.

In marriage effect of manglik dosh

Horoscope is the only way that can depict about the manglik dosh of a person. Natal chart of a person according to planet position at the time of birth of that person is the way to know all the dosh and their solutions. If a person is manglik then it is must that that person should also marry with that person who has manglik dosh. Because of this effect of manglik dosh get cancelled. If a manglik person get marry with a non manglik person then there are more chances of disputes in their family and may be marriage would not successful.

Manglik dosh nivaran puja

Manglik dosh nivaran puja is the removal of manglik dosh that is different for each person because of their unique horoscope. In astrology a lot of remedies are available to remove manglik dosh like mantra, gemstone, charities and puja. Indian astrologer is the expert astrologer that will solve your marry delay problem and cruel effect of mars from your horoscope.

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