Maa Kalratri – 7th Day of Navratri

Today is the seventh day of the Navratri and it is dedicated to the Goddess Kaalratri. This is one of the fiercest forms of the Goddess Durga and it is believed as the destroyer of all the bad spirits, ghosts, and the negative energies. For the reason here the Kaal means the time and the death and the Ratri means the night. Therefore Goddess Kalratri is one of the Devi who removes all the darkness from life. Consequently, she is revered with the name of the Kal Ratri because she represents herself as the death of the Kaal appeared like a dark night for the demons. The left two hands of the Goddess hold a thunderbolt and a scimitar and the right two hands are in the mudras of the giving and protecting. Saptami Pooja of the Goddess Kalratri is considered as the Maha Puja and it is the main pooja.

Puja Vidhi

First, worship the Kalash and the gods residing in it. Then performing all the rituals seek the blessings of the Goddess Kaalratri. When you are going to start the puja take some of the flowers in the hand and then chant the mantras while invoking the Goddess.


Karalvandana Dhoran Muktkeshi Chaturbhurjam

Kalraatri Karalinka Divya Vidyutmala Vibhooshitam

Divya Lauhvraj Vamoghordhaw Karambujam

Abhayan Vardan Chaiv Dakshinodhvagh Panirkaam Mam

Mahamegh Prabhan Shayama Taksha Chaiv Gardbharura

Ghordansh Karalasyan Pinonant Payodharaam

Sukh Pprasan Vadna Smeraan Saroruham

Evam Sachiyanantyet Kalraatri Sarvakaam Samriddhidadam.

Strota Path

Hreem Kaalratri Shri Karali Ch Kleem Kalyani Kalavati

Kaalmata Kalidarpdhni Kamdeesh Kupanivta

Kaambeejjapaanda Kambeejswarupini

Kumatighni Kulinartinashini Kul Kamini

Kleem Hreem Shree Mantravarnen Kalakantakghatini

Kripamayi Kripadhara Kripapara Kripagama.

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