Know their character through Nose

This is the most important part of any creature that supports life – draws air and unclean – namely respiration is drossy fart out. The nose is fragrant with the aroma and smells the support he survives. Moreover, the nose tells him to distinguish consumed or substances. In this sense it really is the most important organ in the body, facial opinion of the scribes.

According to him, by observing the shape of the nose may become aware of human nature. It is true that the geographical impacts, due to the properties of genetic variation in its size but still keep the same general conclusion. Let us learn it.

1.To rounding parrot beak nose between the competent, responsible and are determined. The biggest feature is that they are more aware of the rights that are leading in their duty.

2. Between thick and prominent nose, often wealthy, talented, brave, full of quality to become generals and officers – are known to be realized. Nosed gods emerged in the Indian tradition is well portrayed.

3. Chandragupta described the great warriors in history, RanaSanga, MaharanaPratap, Shivaji and Veer has appeared similar in most pictures of the nose.

4.Large or small face, big nose nosed face is a sign of disordered character. Disordered mind are of such a person who lives often fail.

5.Thin and thick nose, small nose, large nostrils, nostrils, nose longer than the length and width wider than the heart and brain are weak.

6.Straight, thin, long-nosed character and Shankar average, Mryadapalk and are known to be enthusiastic.

7. Being thin and long, crooked nose, fleshy and unwieldy, they selfish, ruthless and temperament are considered dry.

8.Sloping downwards pointed nose, Acrnhin, the highest point Prnindk and nose with barley indifferent nature, humored, spoof, independent, smart and efficient behavior is a reflection of personality.

9.Whose nose buried root of much of the known dwarf personality, but the snub nose is perfectly straight and Smanakar the individual artist, fluent and personality would be held.

10.Snubnoses tilted above the eyebrows and forehead came forward with the investigator, and researchers are visionary.

11. The enjoyment of the medial fat between the nose, the person Vidyawysni and contemplation – has to contemplate. Veterans, he is writing the letter. Unique great love – writing letters of this nature is said that Emperor Napoleon’s nose.

12. The timid and fragile nature from sticking nostrils wide and bloated so passionate and sensual nature that are reported. They are expert in making a mountain out of a molehill.

13.With sharp and pointed nostril selfish, arrogant and stubborn fat fleshy nostril so that honest, faithful, intelligent, but physically ill and are suffering economically.

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