Know the secret of the 12 Houses in your horoscope

Before making a prediction, a qualified astrologer should check that the native’s horoscope is correct or not. Before examining, the main events of the life and transit of the person should be matched. If the matching is correct then the horoscope is correct and otherwise the horoscope needs modification at birth.

Based on the twelve zodiac signs in astrology, the twelve horoscopes have been composed in the horoscope you can check out predictions of horoscope. In every sense, man depicts various dislocations, varied events of life.

First house: It is also called lagna. From this place, the body of the person is known, Vata-Pitta-Kapha nature, skin color, Yash-Apayash, ancestor, happiness-sorrow, confidence, ego, mentality etc.

Second house: It is also called money sense. It is known about the financial condition of the person, happiness of the family, the condition of the house, right eye, speech, tongue, food and drink, elementary education, property etc.

Third house: It is also called a simple sense of might. With this, the force of the native is considered, younger siblings, servants, might, patience, patience, throat, lungs, hearing, etc.

Fourth place: It is also called mother place. You can know more about Indian astrology. It considers maternal, home, home, vehicle, garden, land, property, friends, diseases of the chest, stomach etc.

Fifth house: It is also called Sut Bhava. From this, children are considered to have children, happiness of children, wisdom, higher education, humility, patriotism, digestive power, art, interest in mystical texts, sudden wealth and profit, fame in love relationships, job change etc.

Sixth house: It is also called enemy or disease place. From this, the enemy of the person is considered, diseases, fear, tension, discord, lawsuits, maternal aunt’s happiness, servants, genital diseases etc.

Seventh house: Knowledge of marriage soukhya, shayya pleasures, life-partner’s nature, business, partnership, distance migration, Yash-upyash etc. in Court Court case. It is called a place of marriage.

Eighth house: This feeling is called the place of death. It shows age determination, grief, financial condition, mental affliction, disorders of genitalia, sudden crises.

Ninth House: This is called luck place. This sentiment tells about spiritual progress, Bhagyodaya, intelligence, Guru, Pardesh Gaman, scriptbook writing, pilgrimage, brother’s wife, second marriage etc.

Tenth house: This is called a place of action. It shows about the status, boss, social honor, work capacity, paternal happiness, job occupation, profit from governance, knee pain, mother-in-law etc.

Eleventh house: This is called the profit sense. From this, friends, daughters-in-law, gifts-gifts, benefits, income methods, calves are known.

Twelfth house: It is also called a place of expenditure. This leads to the consideration of debt, loss, alienation, retirement, immoral conduct, addiction, covert enemy, bedlam, suicide, jail visit, litigation.

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