Know medicinal properties of nine forms of goddess navdurga


In nine days of navratri goddess durga gives her lot of grace on peoples. Each form of goddess durga includes a medicinal property. Saint Maarkandaya demonstrate in kavach lesson of Durgasaptashati and say when I asked to srishti nirmata brahma that how can save human body from all type of disease then he said in real nine forms of goddess Durga contains medicinal properties and destroys all somatic, divine and physical ailments.

According to hindu scriptures the best time of goddess Lakshmi is the navratri. In Indian culture the festival of navratri is such festival that shows the dignity of women. In four navratri of year navratri is from shukla pratipada of Chaitra, Aashaadh and magh but in prasiddhi navratri of Chaitra and aashvin is considered best. Navratri of aashvin is performed more by devotees. Systematically these are called vaasanti and shardiya navratri. The beginning of it starts from the Chaitra and aashvin shukla pratipada. Therefore this navratri is good as Sammuki.

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