Importance of Adhik Maas in Hindu Religion

What is Adhik Mass:-

Adhik Maas mean extra month or additional month within the lunisolar calendar is additionally referred to as Purushottam mass. Once it occurs in year than year have thirteen month rather than twelve month this further month is understood by numerous names: Adhik Maas, Mal Maas, Purushottam Maas, and Malimmacha. Indians follow 2 style of calendars is i.e. lunar and also the solar. A lunar month (Hindu) is on the average 29.5 days amount and also the month, is 30 or 31 days.

The satellite calendar year consists of 354 star days and astronomical year consists of twelve months, 6 minutes. Hence there’s a difference of eleven days between the satellite and astronomical year.

So in 3 years time this difference becomes regarding one month amount. So to match the 2 calendars, an additional month is extra. This is often the thirteenth month of the calendar, called ‘Adhik Maas’.

The Adhik Maas is extra once the Amavasya and also the surya Sankranti coincide.

What is to do throughout Adhik Maas:-

According to the Hindu scriptures, the subsequent things or activities have to to be done:

Vrat -According to the Bhavishyottar puran, the Lord Krishna Himself is that the Phal Daataa, Bhokta and Adhishthaata. Thus Adhik Maas Vrat produces positive results.

The reading of Holy Scriptures – throughout the Adhik Maas the reading or being attentive to the Holy Scriptures is taken into account terribly fruitful.

Daan or punya – in keeping with the Devi Bhagvat, the Daan -Punya no matter is completed throughout Adhik Maas, brings smart results to the one whom.

Other things – Anushthan for obtaining prevent too serious diseases, donations throughout eclipse etc. Parikrama of Govardhan giriraj, Bhajan, Keertan, giving food to Sadhoos, Saints or Brahamans etc.

It is written within the Bhavishyottar Sanskrit literature that Sri Krishna Himself has aforesaid relating to Adhik Maas Vrat that by finishing up the Vrat with the only aim of worshiping God, through fast, cleanliness, charity, puja etc. deserves are no inheritable that turn out unfailing results and every one forms of calamities are overcome.

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