If your Venus is in the first house then take these precautions & know your future

Venus, the lord of Taurus and Libra, is exalted in Pisces and low in Virgo. The seventh house in the Lal Kitab is the firm house of Venus. Venus gives bad results with Sun and Moon or in their zodiac signs. But here, before you are in the house or if you know what to be careful about.

How is the native of the planet Venus?

Think of it as a colorful world. If Venus is in the first meal then such a person remains rupan and luxuriant. There is interest in singing, playing and painting. Its auspicious or inauspicious position depends on Saturn. Yet it does not affect the functioning of the person. If Shani is good then the person will have good income and his wife will be queen. But if Venus is getting dry here then the wife will be sick. You can take help of vedic astrology.

The native gets married even before he starts earning. Such a person can also become a leader of the same age, but leading family members causes problems. Such a person can earn a lot from the business of clothes. Usually such a person is not interested in religious activities. If you face any issues then consult or talk to our astrologers. When Venus comes in seventh house in the horoscope, it causes chronic fever and bloody cough.

5 precautions:

  • Do not marry at the age of 25.
  • Avoid having sex during the day.
  • Always start a new work only with the advice of others.
  • Take care of the wife’s health and her wishes.
  • If Venus is Rahu, Moon, Sun in the first or seventh meal at the time of one, then do not keep an eye on the foreign woman.

What to do :

  • Serve black colored cow.
  • Take a bath with curd. Especially on Fridays.
  • Worship Lakshmi. Donate white clothes.
  • Keep a fast on Friday. Do not eat sour.
  • Do not keep the body dirty at all. Use fragrant perfumes or cents. Remain pure.

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