How Aghori get experience of magic and astrology in life

Agorion’s life is more difficult, even more mysterious. Silence Agorion method is the most mysterious. Their own style, their legislation, their different methods. Agori are those who are not grievous. This is very simple and intuitive. Which do not discriminate in mind? Agori expressions are equal in everything. They taste equally with rotting animal flesh, eat as much delicious dishes are eaten with relish.

Agorion world, their everything is wonderful. At which they become happy, give him everything. Agorion are many things that you have heard, press jaw finger. We are told these words to some of the world Agorion, by reading this you will realize how hard they are spiritual. Today you’ll learn about as well as the cemetery where his practice primarily to Agori. Learn interesting things about Agorion –

– Agori basically has three kinds of spiritual practices. Shiv Sadhana are Sadhana and Cremation spiritual bodies. Stand with feet up in the body of Shiva meditation is meditation. There are other ways like a spiritual body. The origin of this practice is kept by Shiva and Parvati on the chest, legs. Sadnaon such as offerings to the dead meat and wine are also offered.

– Silence is the third addition to the body and cremation Shiva meditation practice, which may be common among family members. The Silence of the dead are worshiped Svpit place. Ganges water is sprinkled on it. Here’s offerings as well as meat – Mandira replace the milk solids are plated.

Read these things – even uncomfortable to listen to, but cannot be completely ruled out either. There can be no challenge to their discipline.

– Agori eats everything except the beef. From human feces to the meat of the dead. Agor mortuary cult practice has special significance. So much prefer to stay in the crematorium. Cremation is fruitful in the discipline soon. Cremation is simply not human. In practice, therefore, no question of confusion whenever they arise. Sense of good and bad slips their mind, so they feel thirsty to drink own urine do.

– Agorion known about several things as they are too stubborn, stubborn to talk to anyone you do not leave without completing. You can go to any extent to get angry. Most Agorion eyes are red, as they are very angry, but his heart is just as cool too. Agori wrapped in black clothes wear neck beads made of metal Nrmund.

– Agori often cemetery just make your cottage. Where is a small Dhuni burns. They only feed on animals like dogs. He lived his disciples who serve them. Agori are your thing, very fast, they have to tell anyone no matter if it will be fulfilled.

– Agori is normally cut from the common world. They are cool in their own living, sleeping most of the time day and night to have meditated in the cemetery. They keep contact with ordinary people. Nor do more things. Most times they are a proven mantra chanting itself. Agori and Prashktion such mechanisms are still the seeker can tame.

These Tarapit the crematorium (West Bengal), Kamakhya back (Assam) Kashmshan, Trryambkeshhwar (Nasik) and Ujjain cremation.

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