Home or workplace, to keep good relations Ramayana formula

In every human society and everyday life for many people in the field of reconciliation arises between or loved ones – sits. The one thing about thoughts or behavior differences arises from the others on several occasions. Many times it may be due to lack of self- fulfillment. As a result, a person does not belong to them – are able to make others indicted malevolence in mind. Indeed, such sentiments as much harm to the individual, because the bad mood away from the pleasant person to work and not meeting your goals.

No person in practical life balanced and successful life avoiding such situations, how spent ? In the context of this solution may be written in hard cover. Know home – family or workplace to maintain cordial relations embedded in the Ramayana, the best source of life management –

The individual or group selfishness or Hitpurthy thinking – another indicted before any decision or response must think it – to consider how responsible himself for that matter . This came to mind, anger, malice or hard feelings decreases. Turbulent mind is not thinking in the right direction and the sweetness come relations.

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