Hanuman Mantra

Hanuman Mantra

Hanuman Chalisa day Tuesday, Sunderkand, Ram defense sources, the epic verses in your heart to have his day off. Another name of Shri Hanuman Ji is devotion to earthly life. To conquer the difficulties of life following twelve names of Lord Hanuman show their miraculous effect. Chanting these names are earthly pleasures, not only in age but also leads to increase. Native continuous chanting of these namesis to protect against every type of Hanuman. Twelve of Hanuman miraculous Name:

1) Hanuman

2) AnjaniSut

3) Air Son

4) mahaabal

5) Ramesht

6) Falgun friend

7) Pingaksh

8) AmitVikram

9) Uddikramn

10) Sita mourning corrosion

11) Laxman life Advertisers

12) DsgrivDrpha

These Namoen when and at what time should chant:

– In the morning when they wake up in the state in which the person chanting the twelve names longevity is 11 times.

– In the afternoon, chanting the twelve names of 11 times the person is rich.

– Noon evening while chanting the twelve names of the person who is satiated family pleasures.

– While sleeping at night chanting the twelve names of the person who is the enemy victory.

These twelve continuous chanting of the names are of persons who are protected from all kinds of Shri Hanuman Ji.

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