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Get Success in Business by using Astrology Tips

Get Success in Business by using Astrology Tips

Get Success in Business by Astrology Tips:  Vedic astrology is a very precious gift by god to the human beings. Vedic astrology has the answer of a human being every problem. It not only gives solution for love, family, and social problems even it helps people to resolve the business problems also and helps to achieve a higher success in business.

If you are a businessman then getting profit in business is definitely your first priority. But do you think so that getting success in that much easier? No, it’s very difficult to achieve, there are lots of factors matter behind to achieve success like efforts, hard work, willpower, and most important Destiny. If someone have bad luck than no matter how much hard work he will do, he only gets failure only. But by using of astrology a person can easily boost up his destiny and can earn lots of profit in business.

Get Success in Business by Astrology Tips online

So here are few astrological tips to get success in business.

  1. On each Saturday hang 1 lemon with 7 green chilies and with a coal on the main entrance gate of office.
  2. On every Amavasya give dhuni of Rai at your business place.
  3.  Scatter a fistful of pepper and black gram at the workplace on any Sunday.
  4. Take a peepal leaf and worship it with an incense stick and keep it below where you sit, DO it consecutive 7 Saturday. When 7 leafs are collected then flow it in any river.
  5. Take 11 Abhimantrit Gomti chakra and keep them in red cloth at a place where you keep money in your office.
  6. You should fix Siddha Vyapar virddhi Yantra on your business place.

Try any of these above-given remedies and see how effectively you business will start to grow and productivity and profit will star to get an increase.


ये भी जरूर पढ़ें :

फेसबुक पेज को लाइक जरूर करे –  Astroyatra

Astro Vastu tips for Office


Vastu Shastra is becoming very popular day by day. Lots of peoples started using of Vastu Shastra for getting the benefits and improvement. Vastu Shastra gives and very effective results just cause of that, people’s start using this for office, home, garden, kitchen, bedroom, for living space etc.

Using of Vastu Shastra for office will bless you by very big profit and big success in business. Vastu is just related to the using of right direction and interior designs. Just check it out these following tips which are given below and use this in your office for better performance of the employees and for better success results.

There should be no obstacles in front of the door or main entrance.

The Central part of the office should be vacant.

Account department should be located in the southeastern part.

Administration and human resource department should be in the east part.

Office reception should be placed in the North West

A water cooler or water resources should place in the north east corner.

The boss room should occupy space in the south west and should be away from main entrance.

If it is possible then using of Aquarium of 9 golden fish and 1 blackfish will be very beneficial for the business and it should be placed in the northeast.

Staff work should be done facing towards North or the east direction.

Avoid the high light beams in the office if it is not possible to avoid the cover it by using of a false or wooden ceiling.

Toilets should be located in the northeast or southwest direction.

If there is the temple in the office then it should be ideally located in The Northeast portion.

Conference room are the best placed in the northwest part.

Vastu shastra recommend using colours like white, blue and grey for office.

These are the some tips of Vastu shastra which will remove the all negative energies and allow increasing the success and health energy level in your office



Adopt 6 Strategy and Achieve Your Goal

Planning is a repetitious movement. If the earth failed to adjustment, we would exclusively have to be bound to increase one arrange and bond with it. Once each whereas we lean to take time to line goals we would like to achieve, conversely in most cases a lot of of us not succeed to persuade the edge they aim as a result of the goals they need set spot unit poorly planned and not accessible. The most negative aspects are that almost all folks do not set milestones upon that they will live success on their thanks to the goals set. Now here, you may recognize instructions about the most effective performance in goal setting:

1. Setting goals is simple however achieving them is not

Specific, Realistic, Timely, Measurable and Achievable – is the beginning in creating your goal in a reality. Make your goal as precise as achievable and explicit it in positive terms.

2. Make straight your goals along with your values

If your goal does not mirror of your beliefs and character then you will have issue achieving it. And although you are doing direct to induce what you wish, you will not be horribly glad. Set a goal that is mainly to you and be clear concern the suggestion of your outcome.

3. Assemble everything you would like before you would like it

This school assignment work is important in eliminating the annoying and time extreme “running around” which may derail your growth afterward.

4. Complete a minimum of one action per day

Dependable actions can push you towards your goal. Even selecting a tiny low task can create a dent in your flicker list and should encourage you to seek to even additional.

5. Establish a support structure

Who or what will offer you with support, healthy feedback, advice or a willing ear or encouragement?

6. Console yourself

Don’t wait till you reach your goal, principally if it is a long one. Console yourself as you arrive at your sure achievement. One thing as clear-cut as programming time for yourself or maybe a special treat that you’ve got felt responsible concerning enjoyment in will remain you ambitious to stay going.


Seeking career advancement each gender should keep in mind these points

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Many times you have listened about Swami Vivekananda but today number of people is less who knows about the things of him. At present many young people are suffering from the same issues, whose faced by swami Vivekananda himself any time. Yes, here insinuate is on the side of unemployment, the assay of morality in order of corrupt and because of that on the side of aloofness from religion, family, community and nation. The things that are said by Swami Vivekananda that is associated with life, pure guidance for each gender. Let’s know about some things of him that can make difficult to simple.

Believe on himself: today’s the peoples are atheists who do not believe on himself, not just those who do not keep faith in God. Means self confidence is the greatest formula to get success. The true meaning of self confidence is apart from the god himself, rely on I cause from the intellect, mind and ego then so the better.

Be strong: Swami Vivekananda considered necessary to increase confidence strengthen power of body with mind on behalf of spirituality. He even said that to understand the power of Geeta and Krishna first make your body strong. For that edification is given that before reading Geeta becoming strongest by playing Football so young be steely and with strong determination to understand the religion and also to combat against wrongdoing.

Do not consider himself vulnerable and sinful : to increase self confidence someone should not make such thinking that I am powerless, sinful, weak and bother, does not have strength to do anything because Vedanta considers to forget not to sin. Therefore to think such things is mistake. So live by treating yourself like lion and not the sheep.

Few ways to work enthusiastically to increase productivity

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If you are searching for some tips that can increase your productivity at work but very soon then here are some tips that will help you to increase this. If you have a lot of work to accomplish but you cannot get anything done. By following some tips you can accomplish your task and even you can get some free time also and during this free time you can do a lot of beneficial work that will increase boost you to work.

Prioritize your work

It is a genuine situation that at work you have a lot of task but you do not understand from where you have to start. Of course you might be thinking a lot that which work should done first and end up do nothing. Best idea to increase productivity is try to divide your work in priority and accomplish that work first. It will give you a direction to complete your task.

Focus on your own work

It is not a wise decision that when you are stressed and overwhelmed then accepting a lot work. Do not be afraid to say no to your boss and co workers because when you are overwhelmed then you will do a lot mistakes so if you are stressed then next day accomplish your task. Concentrate in your work instead.

Manage your desk

It is the best and simple idea to increase your productivity at work because if your desk is messy then a lot of part of your precious time will be wasting in looking for important note and this is a waste of time and you will not be able to complete your task on time. Always tidy your desk up and boost your work.

Avoid distraction

Social media is the major distraction at work. Quick surfing of social media websites can waste your lot of time. Here mean is not that you should not search for social media sites but at your work you would be wasting your plenty of time. Always remember that you get a paycheck for good work not for surfing social media sites and avoid chatty coworker also.