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Simple Feng Shui Tips for Wealth Power

Feng Shui is the art of placing buildings and objects in relation to energy, to increase positive energies and minimize the negative energies. Basically the Feng Shui literally means ‘wind and water’ itself. Feng shui is based on the interaction of Yin and Yang, female and male forces along with Chinese astrology and the five elements. The purpose of Feng Shui is to allow you to organize your house so that the Chi energy’s, enforce positive energy in your house the placement of furniture, decorations and other objects also comes under it

Feng Shui is a great way to open up the positive energy channels so you can attract more wealth into your life and home. It’s very easy to do and you don’t have to invest a lot of cash in it .You just have to follow these simple Feng Shui tips for each area of your house.

Entrance Prosperity:

At the main entrance to your home hang three Chinese coins which are tied together with red ribbon on the door handle. And Cut the ribbon into 9- or 18-inch lengths, the number 3 is key to prosperity in Feng Shui and You can easily find Chinese coins in nearly every Asian grocery stores.

Clean Up Every Room

Feng Shui is all about being smart and hygienic so plan on giving your entire house an once-over neat and clean. Getting rid of the old will help you attract the latest so throw out or give away anything you don’t need in room .And Make special places for items that tend to get spread around so you can keep your space arranged.

Bathroom And Kitchen

The GAS-Stove is the most important item in your kitchen and because the Chinese connect it with prosperity. Remain it clean and in proper working regulate. Another important thing is In Feng Shui water in the house can wash away money so all of your water facilities require notice. While you aren’t using your sinks plug them with rubber stoppers to keep energy from flowing down the drains. And get in the habit of keeping your toilet lids down when not in use.

10 Simple Vastu Tips for Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of the house. Well, it is so important that most of the times it the reason why the family stays healthy and happy. Why? Because the very mention of kitchen spells food! As the kitchen forms an integral part of the house, the science of Vastu steps to enhance the aura of the kitchen, taking into consideration certain essential elements. These include the direction, in which the kitchen is located, placements of the windows and doors in the kitchen, location of the kitchen in the house, placement of electronic gadgets, gas cylinder, refrigerator and even the sink.

Below are some simple yet effective Vastu Tips for the kitchen –

  • Placement of kitchen in the house – ensure that your kitchen doesn’t share a wall with the toilet or bathroom. Plus, in multi-storey homes, it is important to ensure that the kitchen is never made below a bathroom or toilet.
  • South-east corner for the kitchen – it would be ideal if the kitchen was made in the south-east corner of the house. If not, another great option is the northwest corner of the house. The south-east corner is considered the best as the element of fire governs in this direction. Hence, it is the best option for making the kitchen.
  • Place the sink and taps away from the cooking gas – Sinks and taps in the kitchen indicate flowing water. They should be placed in the north-east direction and away from the cooking stove. This is because fire and water are opposite elements and they repel each other.
  • Placement of the gas stove – The cooking gas is almost as essential as the placement of the kitchen in the house. Therefore, it too should be in the south-east direction. This is because when a person cooks food they should be facing to the east only.
  • Placement of exhaust fans and windows – Windows are important too as Vastu Shashtra says that one or two windows in the kitchen are a must! An air hole or an exhaust is a must and it should be placed in the east in the kitchen. Windows – large or small should be placed in the east while if there are ventilators, it should be placed in the southern direction.
  • Placement of the Refrigerator – If the kitchen houses the refrigerator then it should be placed in the south-west direction but be kept at least a foot away from the corner. Avoid placing it in the north-east direction.
  • Placement of electrical appliances – The modern kitchen is incomplete without electronic appliances. Today, the kitchen is filled with ovens, microwaves, heaters etc. These should be placed in the south or the south-east direction of the kitchen. Please note, these appliances should never be placed in the north-east direction.
  • Placement of storage – Storage is an important part of the kitchen too. We need storage for food grains, crockery, utensils etc. The storage cupboards should be made on the southern or western walls in the kitchen. It is best to avoid the north and east side walls.
  • Kitchen flooring – ceramic tiles, marble or mosaic are great options for kitchen flooring. They are practical too as they are hard, impermeable and of course, resistant to scratches.
  • Placement of drinking water vessels – Drinking water vessels, be it an earthen pot, filter, RO, pitcher etc. these should be placed in the north-east side.

Keep these things in mind when broom-wiped, get pleased Lakshmi

Keep these things in mind when broom-wiped, get pleased Lakshmi

Room-wiped clean and the house are dirt free. In totaling, here are a number of points to be taken connecting to these also can be so pleased to Mahalakshmi. According to the scriptures, the remove is also measured a form of Mahalakshmi. Appearance of scarcity is to sweep out the dust. In each corner of the home is clean, there is a positive atmosphere.

Where and how to keep the broom

Sweep the bad from entering the home is broken. So keep in brains the connection of broom from happiness.

1. The release space is measured a bad sign to sweep, so keep it secreted.

2. Do not put the swab in the dining room; it may end up home-based food. as well, you may have to face fitness problems.

3. If you’re outside broom in face of the door at nighttime to keep every day, it does not enter the house of negative energy. This effort should only in night time. Keep defeat day sweep.

These measures at home, when wiped

If you take the ground in the house, the water should also be in small amount salt. Dirt free the floor to put salt water microorganisms found to be smashed. Also, the house will be over harmful energy.

Broom-related prognostic omen

1. If a child is put in place should rapidly sweep unnecessary guests coming in the house.
2. After evening sweep at home by mistake and should not be wiped. This is measured a bad omen.
3. Sweep the leg is supposed to not exist in mistake. When this happens, Lakshmi gets angry. It is a terrible sign.



Prickly plants should not be at home, money plant is auspicious

According to vastu scripture the way in which every part of home affects our life the same way home decoration plants also leaves positive and negative effects on our life. Consciously or unconsciously, many times we put such kind of plants at home that may be cause of the vastu dosh creation that directly affects our life. Today we are telling you which kind of plant we should have at home.

1. According to vastu shastra we should not have thorny ad milky plants at home. Because forks create negative energy at home. Rose kind of prickly plants can be planted but it would be good if you put them on roof.

2. According to vastu shastra it is good to plant a moneyplant at home. According to astrology money plant is factor of Venus planet. In presence of Venus relation of husband and wife remain sweeter.

3. You can have bamboo plants at home. According to fengshui bamboo plants are the symbol of prosperity and happiness.

4. To increase the positive energy of home and workplace have fresh flowers in bouquets. Bouquets of flowers increase prosperity and success in your destiny. Withered flowers produce negative energy.

5. You should avoid any kind of planting at your home. This may leave negative effect on your married life. Pots can be put in dining and drawing room.

6. If peepal grows in your house wall then remove it by worshiping it and plant it in a home. Peepal is known factor of Jupiter.

If mirror is in bathroom then keep mind these things

vastu tips

Do you know wit kitchen and hall at home bathroom also effects your financial situation. According to vastu shastra there is a different effect of position of home and the things that are put differently at home that greatly affect the people who live at your home. So according to vastu you should adopt these measures definitely. Here we are telling you bathroom related vastu tips that can make your financial position very strong.

For mirror remember these things
if there is a mirror in your bathroom then mind that mirror should not be in front of the door. According to vastu when someone opens the door then negative energy of home enter into the bathroom. So during this time if mirror is in front of the bathroom then all the negative energy will again come back into your home after clashing from the mirror.

Door of washroom
if door of bathroom opens in bedroom then you should save yourself from open it. Well, bathroom should not be in bedroom. But if you have bathroom in bedroom then put a curtain on door of the bathroom. Mutual exchange of energy of bedroom and bathroom is not good for our health.

Dropping water from tab in bathroom
dropping water from tab is known a serious dosh. If at home from any place even in bathroom or other place water drops from the tab then you should take it serious. Because of it money is waste and you have short of money always. So it should be manufactured as soon as possible.

If unmarried girl sleeps in this corner then can face so many troubles

vastu astrology

Today most of the people built and decorate their home according to principles of vastu. Vastu and fangshui works on tradition of positive and negative energy. It is believed that if there are positive energy and atmosphere at home then you can get success in al kind of tasks and overcome money related troubles. According to vastu 8 directions are told and each direction has their own importance and rule. According to vastu in north-east corner of home an unmarried girl cannot sleep.

If at home there is any wrong thing then it affects all the members of the family.

North-east corner
this direction is best for deities. This direction is represented by deities. So temple in this direction is assumed auspicious. This place should be very neat and clean. At this place with temple you can put water related instruments. If any women is unmarried then should not sleep in this corner. If any girl sleeps in this corner their might be late in her marriage and she can face health related problems. In this corner of home bathroom and toilet should not be. Additionally heavy things should not be placed there.

Some facts related to direction
south-east direction are represented by fire. so in this direction there is special energy. Kitchen is very auspicious at this place. Any lighting elements can be placed here. Because of the fire place water related things should not keep here. Dining hall in this direction is inauspicious.

Three-legged frog is lucky, know solution of fengsui

fengsui measures

Fengsui is a Chinese word and its meaning is air and water. How someone should build a home, how they should make the home beautiful, what accessories should be at home, every information w can get from fengsui. This is mainly vastu of China. It’s matched a lot with Indian vastu shastra. According to Hindu scriptures vastu shastra is using from ancient times. With fengsui tips you can avoid all the vastu dosh of your home.

Three-legged frog

in fengsui three-legged frog is known very beneficial. The presence of three legged frog coin in the mouth is very important. You should put it at your home nearby of main door. You should not put it near of kitchen or washroom. It just invites your bad luck.

Laughing Buddha
if you want financial help then laughing Buddha will help you. Keep a laughing Buddha in your living room in peek side from main door. Then you will see that prosperity will come your home for definitely. You should not put it in front of the main door. Buddha is god of prosperity and his smile is sign of prosperity.

hanging the coins in handle of main door is invitation of wealth, money and luck. You can hang three old coins of chine in main door with red thread and you will get success. Owing to this all the members of home will get success. You should hang these coins inside of door.

Never accept last byte of food on insistence

last byte of food

According to astrology never accept last byte from anyone’s plate does matter how much a person insists you.  During any party or at home should not accept the last byte of food. This is the very old concept of China. If someone regularly disrespects this rule then he or she could be deprived from a life partner. In fact in fengsui there is such speculation that the person who eats last byte invites poverty and bad luck to him.

Vastu shastra is known as powerful part of astrology because our success and destiny is associated with the deeds that we perform. Each part of our home and the events should be according to vastu shastra. At home direction of the main door, which flower and plants we should have at home and where should be our  study room and many other various aspects of astrology exists that aware us to do these harmful task.

Architectural effects on each human beings life exists and almost people design their home according to astrology. Each auspicious task that we do should be according to the auspicious time of astrology because position of celestial body in your horoscope decides your right and worst time so it becomes essential to consider the astrology.

In which direction we should keep money according to Vastu

vastu tips for money

Usually in every home there is a special place to keep money and jewelry. Some people keep money safe in locker and some in wardrobe and keep it safe on any other place. Do you know to keep the money safe north direction is known auspicious. If you keep money in this direction then you get grace of god Kuber and goddess Lakshmi. It is known auspicious.

Vastu works on the principle of positive and negative energy

Vastu is the ancient knowledge of India and if you keep mind on some things of vastu then your life may be prosperous and successful. In vastu there is a different rule is described for each thing. Which thing you should on which place, what things you should not keep at home. These are some rules of vastu. This scripture is totally based on the principles of the positive and negative effects in your home. North direction is known excellent to put money at home.

North direction is place of lord Kuber

Kuber is treasure of deities and according to scriptures north direction is the abode of him. Because of this if you keep money safe in north direction then it gives auspicious results to us. Because of the grace of lord Kuber you get specific profit regarding money related task. In north direction situated wardrobe or locker you can keep money in it. Vastu measures are known really helpful to us.

At home should not be this type of photo


To enhance the beauty of home photos, wallpaper and pictures play very important role. Beautiful and attractive photos change the atmosphere of the home. There is good effect on home members as well as members who come from outside.

For these reasons peoples must take photos at home for auspicious reasons. Know what kind of photos should not be at home.

According to scriptures to remained peace and prosperity in home it is quite essential that some type of photos should not be at home that shows negative impact. Such photos through highly negative thoughts on peoples who are living there and they give up very soon before take any circumstance.

Such photos leave negative impact on peoples who come from outside. According to architectural scriptures the photos that depict war leave inauspicious impact on you. As of these peoples living there may gain violent nature. Photos of violent animals should not be at home. If you daily see the violent photos of animals then there may be bad impact on your mental state. These types of photos make your nature violent also. Many people put such photos like two boat’s combat in storm but such photos do not give auspicious impression.

We should take photos at home by seeing them you feel calm and negative energy cannot entre inside you. Wrong photos can affect your house economic condition also.

At home we should take adorable, loving, and cheerful photos that feel you enjoyment of the sensation.

Know which plant is auspicious for your home


Adds if you plant trees in your home then greenery comes into home and the members living into the home always live happy and healthy. Plants always are containing in itself a lot of virtues of health and to bring auspicious at home.  But many times it also happens that fitted tree do not give auspicious results and give you opposite results. In fact sometimes these plants have architectural flaws. Here we are told you that the tree should put at home and which once do not and where to put all tree together and where to put it.

According to Vrihatsanhita which tree should put in which direction thereby let give good result and would be bode well for you. It is auspicious if you put Banyan tree in the east, Peepal tree in west, Pilkn tree in north and plant of Goolar in south direction. If trees are in opposite direction then they start to give inauspicious results. Thorny trees near the home create struby and destroy the wealth of home.

वृक्षों का स्थान भी वास्तु अनुसार होना चाहिए

Vastu for garden

– मकान के बाहर वृक्षों को लगाते समय इस बात का पूरा ख्याल रखें कि वे मकान से इतनी दूरी पर लगाए जाएं कि सुबह नौ बजे से लेकर  तीन बजे तक पेड़ की छाया मकान पर न पड़े।

– पिलरवन उत्तर में, वट वृक्ष पूर्व में, गूलर दक्षिण में और पीपल पश्चिम में आपके घर के बाहर की ओर लगे हुए हैं, तो अत्यंत शुभ है।

– चंपा, चमेली, बेला, गेंदा, अपराजिता, नारियल, बेल, आम के पेड़ और अंगूर आदि लताएं जहां भी लगाएं जाएं, शुभदायक होते हैं।

– जो पेड़ काफी ऊंचाई लेते हैं उन्हें घर की पूर्वी दिशा में लगाने से सूर्य की किरणें मकान पर नहीं पड़ेंगी। इसके लिए उत्तर, पूर्व व ईशान में छोटे-छोटे पौधे और दक्षिण, पश्चिम व नैऋत्य में ऊंचे वृक्ष लगाने चाहिए।