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Indian Astrology Remedies for Bad Planetary Position


DO you really believe that rotation of planets affects your life? And do they truly control your destiny? I think the answer should be yes If the answer is No then how the astrologer can predict our future and tell exactly the good and bad time of ours?

The exact answer of this Question is yes, the moment of planets is affect our life because our body is made up of physical essentials. And we are nothing more than a bundle of atoms made up of certain elements held together by the physical bond of the universe, just same like the planets are made up of same elements. And that’s the reason it’s a good decision to try to identify our planetary position in our natal chart. And it’s good to know which are a good or bad planet and their positions with the help of astrologer o the specialist.

Planetary position effects too much to our life and if we talk about the Bad planetary position then it effects too badly to our life. When our horoscope effect with that then our education life, personal life, relationship, career, financial position, mantel issues and everything get disturbed. So in life ever you think that something getting wrong with you constantly then it may be because of planetary position, so in this situation take the help of astrologers.

Here we are giving you few of astrological remedies to deal with bad planetary positions.

  1. Always start you days with the prayer, for doing this, open your hands and for a minutes see your palm, because according to Vedic astrology god Vishnu and goddess Maa Laxmi and Saraswati resides in or palm. So by taking their blessing you can make your day.
  2. Whenever you go outside to your house for some good work, eat sweet by this your day will become sweeter for you.
  3. If the planetary position is bad then the diamond ring is preferred by the astrologer to wear in the little finger.
  4. Donate saffron or yellow colors cloth and gold object in a temple.