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Manglik Dosha Nivaran Through Kumbh Vivah

India could be a country that believes in religious power most. Religious power is that the prime of everything and each downside have the religious answer. In Hindu non secular, several doshas square measure impact the human life. Manglik dosha is one among the foremost unfavorable dosha that have an effect on the lifetime of that specific person and different who around to them. Several religious solutions square measure in star divination to stay safe from the unhealthy impact of those doshas. Kumbh vivah is additionally one among the religious solutions for those who having manglik dosha in their kundli or birth chart.

Kumbh vivah essentially combination of 2 Hindu words that square measure ‘Kumbh’ means that pot and ‘vivah’ means that marriage or wedding.

When an individual, despite that the person is lady or boy, having manglik dosha in his kundli or horoscope. Then kumbh vivah is that the method to marry with a pot for take away the unhealthy impact from their when wedding life and it shows actuality color when they got marry.

Manglik dosha have many varieties impact of the person and his partner’s life, like in anshik manglik dosha they need to be face major health problems, delivery problems with baby, dispute in between the bride and groom and within the major manglik dosha may well be happen like serious relationship problems, death of husband, major accident, death of better half, major illness etc.

Kumbh vivah is simply sort of a standard wedding of the fellows that have manglik dosha. All rituals got to be performing ordinarily like different wedding for example; kanya daan, phere with the pot and additionally intonation the wedding mantras during this marriage. Subsequently lady should modification the dress and takes away all threads and flow the pot in watercourse while not holding anyone is aware of. When this ritual done that lady is going to be unleashing out of the manglik dosha and may marry with different guy.

Mythology is during this kumbh vivah that Pot is here taking part in the role of initial husband of that lady that having manglik dosha in her kundli, thus all unhealthy result square measure flow with the pot in watercourse. Manglik dosha is never effect currently their married life when they did the kumbh vivah.


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Relation of Mars and Manglik Dosh


Manglik dosh is really not good for anyone’s life. When it reflects in anyone’s horoscope then it totally disturb a person’s life. And according to the astrology Manglik dosh arise when planet mars is placed in 12th, 8th, 2nd, 4th, and in 1st house. If except of these houses mars reflect in any other house then it gives malefic results but that does not belongs to Manglik dosh as Manglik dosh is a dosh which only reflect the person’s marriage.

The major disadvantage of having Manglik dosh in Kundali is creating lots of obstacles in person’s marriage. Or if somehow marriage is done then after marriage also it reflects on their relationship like there is no peace in relation, separation from spouse, death of spouse by any of reason etc.

Manglik dosh is also called kuja dosh, angaraka dosh, bhom dosha. Some of people have confusion in this that they have born on Tuesday that why they are Manglik….. But it’s totally misconceptions. Actually the thing is that Manglik dosh occur just cause of mars planet when it’s Accor in some above given houses.

According to Vedic astrology you can use these some remedies for Manglik dosh

  1. Should chant hanuman chalisa daily
  2. Chant gaytri mantra attest 108 time on daily basis
  3. Wear a red coral in gold in ring finger after consulting any good astrologer
  4. Marriage between two Manglik individuals is the best way for marriage of Manglik persons
  5. Kumbh vivah is also a good option for Manglik person’s marriage. According to Vedic astrology, Manglik person should firstly marry with the banana tree, silver golden ideal of lord Vishnu or people tree.
  6. Manglik person should do fast on Tuesday; it’s an effective remedy for Manglik peoples
  7. Manglik should chant navgrah mantra which is known as Mangal mantra. This mantra should be chant on Tuesday

So these are some remedies by using which you can reduce some effect of Mangal dosh from your Kundali.

Astrology kundali matching is advance prediction of a healthier married life

kundali matching

Kundali matching is the excellent service for the bride and groom who wants to marry with each other. For love marriage, arrange marriage in each relation kundali matching is the beneficial step to stop or save upcoming hurdles. Marriage is a very sacred relation for each one and each one wants to spend a beautiful life with his partner. Astrology is the basic concept of stars and planets and these stars and planets have vital existence in married life of couples. Astrology houses like fifth, seventh, and ninth are the cause of success or failure of marriage. Horoscope chart i.e. called as natal chart also is known for human’s secret.

Before marriage kundali of both of the bride and groom is matched and extract the outcome that how much gun they have same. According to astrology astrologer says that there are 36 guns and if matched gun are less than 18 then this marriage is impossible nevertheless they marry then there are quite chances that there will be much of disputes and they can meet with divorce also. If matched guns are more than 18 then this marry is possible and according to astrology rituals both can live a beautiful life.

Manglik dosh, this one is also a hurdle in a marriage. It is said that person who is affected by the manglik dosh get late marry and he or she can marry with the person who is also affected by the manglik dosh. If a person who is manglik and want to marry with a person who is not affected by this dosh then astrology has many solutions to remove the effect from the person.

Manglik dosh, prevention by astrology

manglik dosh

When a person has manglik dosh then it is said that that person is manglik. When planet mars is placed in 1, 4, 7th, and 8th or in 12th house in your horoscope then it is said that effect of mars is strong on that person. Planet mars is known for their courage, aggression, strength and endurance. Mars is the reason of delay in marriage for that person who has manglik dosh in their kundali. Even after marriage there are chances of disputes in married life and fear of death of spouse. In Indian astrology there are many solutions of manglik dosh that can be removed by astrologer.

In marriage effect of manglik dosh

Horoscope is the only way that can depict about the manglik dosh of a person. Natal chart of a person according to planet position at the time of birth of that person is the way to know all the dosh and their solutions. If a person is manglik then it is must that that person should also marry with that person who has manglik dosh. Because of this effect of manglik dosh get cancelled. If a manglik person get marry with a non manglik person then there are more chances of disputes in their family and may be marriage would not successful.

Manglik dosh nivaran puja

Manglik dosh nivaran puja is the removal of manglik dosh that is different for each person because of their unique horoscope. In astrology a lot of remedies are available to remove manglik dosh like mantra, gemstone, charities and puja. Indian astrologer is the expert astrologer that will solve your marry delay problem and cruel effect of mars from your horoscope.

Manglik dosh

Manglik dosh

Manglik you know what those words are used, which causes Manglik are a man or woman, having Manglik – what are the effects? If you want to know the answers to these questions salient Here Manglik attached to the term.

Who are Manglik?

There are many types of defects reported in astrology horoscope. One of these defects Tue defect. This defect occurs in the person’s horoscope is called the Manglik. If a person’s horoscope, the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th Manglik then that person would be located Tue.

Tue is the commander of the planets

According to astrology, the nine planets in the horoscope are listed individually set according to the state of our lives. We are also – sadly, successes or failures are received, as of all the nine planets are found. Tue these nine planets are general. Tue planet are related, Tue blame. Manglik Tue blame the person makes.

Marriage-related special thing

Manglik too many people are having a major influence on Tue planet receives. People who are Manglik, they keep their spouses, some special requirements that can only get a Manglik spouses. Manglik-Manglik why married people are the same people.

Tue sin Planet

Tue planet disciplinarian is proud and harsh nature. It is considered a sin because of the hardness of the planet Tue. Mangle dev. land will devout son and mother. That’s why all the people who respect their mother’s special grace. Tue hard working people, land, building on success simply does not work.

People are angry Manglik

People are grumpy nature of the effects Manglik Tue. Tue bad effects if you stop loss are achieved in many areas of the side effects. Tue planet to those relating to land a special worship – worship should be.