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Manglik Dosha Nivaran Through Kumbh Vivah

India could be a country that believes in religious power most. Religious power is that the prime of everything and each downside have the religious answer. In Hindu non secular, several doshas square measure impact the human life. Manglik dosha is one among the foremost unfavorable dosha that have an effect on the lifetime of that specific person and different who around to them. Several religious solutions square measure in star divination to stay safe from the unhealthy impact of those doshas. Kumbh vivah is additionally one among the religious solutions for those who having manglik dosha in their kundli or birth chart.

Kumbh vivah essentially combination of 2 Hindu words that square measure ‘Kumbh’ means that pot and ‘vivah’ means that marriage or wedding.

When an individual, despite that the person is lady or boy, having manglik dosha in his kundli or horoscope. Then kumbh vivah is that the method to marry with a pot for take away the unhealthy impact from their when wedding life and it shows actuality color when they got marry.

Manglik dosha have many varieties impact of the person and his partner’s life, like in anshik manglik dosha they need to be face major health problems, delivery problems with baby, dispute in between the bride and groom and within the major manglik dosha may well be happen like serious relationship problems, death of husband, major accident, death of better half, major illness etc.

Kumbh vivah is simply sort of a standard wedding of the fellows that have manglik dosha. All rituals got to be performing ordinarily like different wedding for example; kanya daan, phere with the pot and additionally intonation the wedding mantras during this marriage. Subsequently lady should modification the dress and takes away all threads and flow the pot in watercourse while not holding anyone is aware of. When this ritual done that lady is going to be unleashing out of the manglik dosha and may marry with different guy.

Mythology is during this kumbh vivah that Pot is here taking part in the role of initial husband of that lady that having manglik dosha in her kundli, thus all unhealthy result square measure flow with the pot in watercourse. Manglik dosha is never effect currently their married life when they did the kumbh vivah.


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विदेश यात्रा की बाधायें करे दूर


आजकल विदेश जाना हर किसी का सपना होता है, चाहे वह घूमने का हो या पढाई करने या फिर कुछ लोगो का हमेशा के लिए वहाँ रहने का पर यह सपना हर कोई पूरा करना चाहता है।  पर क्या  आप जानते है विदेश जाना या ना जाना हम नहीं बल्कि हमारे  ग्रह निश्चित करते है। बहुत से लोग होते है जिनकी कुंडली में विदेश जाने का योग ही नहीं होता, पर कई लोगो के साथ तो ऐसा भी होता है की कुंडली में योग होते हुई भी बहुत सी परेशानिया और बाधायें आती है जिनके उपाय करना हर किसी के लिए संभव नहीं होता है।  इसीलिए हम कुछ आसान और सरल उपाय बता रहे है जो आपकी विदेश जाने की ख्वाइशों को पूरा कर  देंगे।

1. सक्रांति के दिन सफ़ेद तिल और थोड़ा गुड ले और सूर्यास्त के समय एक मिट्टी के कुल्हड़ में डालकर उस कुल्हड़ को पीपल से गिरे हुये पत्ते से ढक लें।  ध्यान रखे पत्ता ना तोड़े खुद से गिरे हुए पत्ते का ही प्रयोग करे  फिर किसी आक के पौधे की जड़ में रख आएं।  आते समय पीछे मुड़कर न देखें घर में आकर स्नान करे।  नहाने के पानी में थोड़ा सा शुद्ध केसर मिला लें।

2. एक निम्बू लें I उसमे 7 लोंग लगा दें। और

” ॐ कें केतवे नमः ”

इस मंत्र का पुरे १ माला का जाप करे। यह उपाय ७ सोमवार करे आपको जरूर सफलता मिलेगी।

ये दोनों उपाय बहुत ही सरल और आसान है जिन्हे कोई भी आसानी से कर सकता है। तो अगर आपकी कुंडली में भी विदेश यात्रा में बाधायें है तो ये उपाय करिये और देखिये कितनी आसानी से आपकी बाधायें दूर होती है।

Horoscope Reduce Impacts Of Bad Planetary Position

Horoscope Reduce

According to the vedic astrology all planets have equal importance in our life and that they have differing kinds of influence. Incorrect placement of planets in our horoscope will cause diseases or alternative negative effects in life. The influence of dangerous planet is nothing else than a weak moment in your life. However dangerous effects of planets are reduced though not totally reversed by mistreatment astrological remedies. These remedies embody recitation/chanting of secret words.

These are some sacred remedies of issues caused by dangerous planet effects:


Bad position of sun in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Body components become stiff and therefore the person feels issue within the movement, mouth is usually full with saliva etc.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Before going outside, eat some sweets and drink some water, donation of jiggery, copper and wheat, immerse the copper coin within the flowing water of a lake and skim the sacred Purana -Harivanshpuran.



Bad position of Moon in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Water resources within the house have one or the opposite drawback, well or lake in house if any becomes dry.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Immersed silver within the flowing water, pot filled with milk or water ought to be unbroken close to the bed whereas sleeping and within the next day morning through this into the roots of kikar tree.


Bad position of Mars in your horoscope might cause many issues like :       

Joint pain hitch, deficiency of blood, argument atmosphere, if you have got kid then he/she might suffer as a result of some diseases.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Feed the dogs, give sweet product of benny and jiggery, red massor dhal within the temple, recite Hanuman chalisa everyday etc.


Bad position of Mars in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Because of this planet’s dangerous impact, you’ll be able to feel weakness.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Wear emerald ring within the pinky, immersed copper coin with a hole within the center within the flowing water, feed cows with inexperienced fodder etc.


Bad position of Venus in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Skin illness, weakness etc

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Donate fodder for the cows, wear diamond ring within the next to pinky etc.


Bad position of Saturn in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Hair loss within the eyelids and eyebrows, surprising harm in house etc.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Donate iron and mustard oil, feed crows and fishes, Puja of Lord Shiva, Maa Kali or divinity Hindu deity etc.


Bad position of Rahu in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

It’s dangerous effects will take several tensions in your life.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Immerse coconut in water, Puja of maa Sarswati etc.


Bad position of Ketu in your horoscope might cause many issues like :

Children stay sick, joint pain and injuries etc.

Astrological Remedies for dangerous Planetary Effects:

Feed the dogs; give black blankets to the close person.

Use Cosmic Power to Change Your Destiny

What is the meaning of life?

What is my destiny?

When will I find my soul mate?

How can we change our destiny?

What happens to me after I die?

How is destiny made?

Astrology provides answers to these and many other questions. It gives to the person’s the thrilling opportunity to learn the way they are, why they are, and how each of us might use the powerful tools supplied by these divine society to create, serenity, purpose, and a life accurately as we would resembling it.

Astrology is the fine art of forecasting the future. Horoscope prospect to change into realism is very little. The interpretation of the horoscope depends on two structural factors: how the planets are arranged in the zodiac at the time of natal, and how the complete pattern was situated relative to the accurate place on the earth where you were born. The first division of the arrangement presents us the signs of the planets and their aspects to each other; the second division of the arrangement puts the planets in the houses of the chart. The first part is obtainable to be the similar no issue wherever you are on the Earth at any given time, but the second division adjusts depending on where on the Earth you are located. Since the analysis of the one’s astrological chart depends so much on the houses, which in turn depend on the location of birth, you, and your destiny, would be diverse if you were born anywhere else.

We are certain by our Karmas, not exclusively of past life however conjointly by the Karmas being performed throughout our current life. Throughout the present life we have a tendency to certain by the destiny as fastened by our past Karmas and star insight will only facilitate that destiny, whenever we have a trend to catch up by the hurdles created by the planetary positions. As an example, one is destined to become a doctor, however faces barrier; here star divination comes in to assist. One will perform apology consequently and win the destiny. Could it is going to conjointly thus happen that one may miss his destiny if he does not perform the apology as advice. I even have seen individuals changing into achievers once obtaining steerage from astrologers as per their horoscope.

To conclude we have a suspicion and destiny. Destiny has a boundary determined by the past karmas and suspicion is provided to either win, the destiny judiciously or otherwise. Utilize suspicion sensibly by following “Karma yoga, Sankhya Yoga or Bhakti yoga” as represented in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta.

The process of horoscope


It is known that to know about weather, crops and seasons forecast is the best idea. Early peoples believed the stars and planet as god and even they give a name of God to these shapes. They did not understand the causes behind the movement of these stars and planets. Astrologers and scientists who take interest in these stars extrapolate the reasons and secrets of cosmology and life experiences.

In ancient time each religion and cast had different meaning related to movement of stars and planets. Horoscope is like a chart of different shapes that depicts the position of houses and zodiac signs. Revelations of life secrets in advance is the back bone of horoscope and daily if you are able to know about the upcoming surprises then horoscope is the best astrological source.

Love compatibility is the biggest advantage of the horoscope because before going to involve in a relationship if you can reach the beliefs that your partner would be able to keep you happy and to fulfill your all desires then love horoscope is the best way.

Many people in India fervently believe in daily horoscope and even after waking up first they want to know about his horoscope and want to take idea that what the day of today will bring for him. Movement of stars and planets and position of them at the time of birth of a person decides the destiny of a person.

Significance of Horoscope services


It is true that horoscope is secret book of human’s life where one’s life prediction, nature, behavior is contained in that book. This book is the revelations about your future, past and present. Horoscope is a natal chart that is depiction of position of planets, stars and celestial bodies that shows the houses of zodiac signs. Zodiac sign is one for a human and it elaborates what will happen with that person today or in a week. Zodiac sign is provided by astrologer may be daily horoscope or weekly horoscope, or monthly horoscope. This horoscope is analyzed according to the birth date of a person.

Horoscope to decide name of a baby

In India name a baby is decided according to the horoscope of that baby. Exact time and date at time of birth of a baby is the deciding factor that what would be fortunate letter or alphabet for this baby that will bring fame, success and happiness for him or her. As above explained horoscope is the open book of human’s life forecast.  Career prediction, business decision, and else are the consideration via horoscope.

Online horoscope

Online horoscope is the technical service of horoscope that has placed many manual formats like magazines, news papers. In India peoples are very curious to know about the their daily day events in advance that what may happen with them and to some extent these predictions can make your but blind believe in these prediction is also not good.

Horoscope prediction and match making


Horoscope is a birth chart of a person where positions of stars and planets are shown at the exact time of birth of a person. Horoscope of a person is a revelation of secrets of a person of the rest of the life. human are able to know about the many future predictions like birth secret, marriage and career related their success everything is able to considered with horoscope. Horoscope can be a future describing source or maybe not. Horoscope description is mainly based on the sun signs and zodiac signs of a person which describe the likes and dislikes and compatibility, understanding, nature of a person.

Horoscope match making

Horoscope match making is the best way to check the compatibility of a person with their partner. Match making is accomplished by the Kundali. Kundali is the astronomical calculation of the celestial bodies where position of stars and heavenly angles matters a lot. Match making plays a vital role in horoscope match making because in India before marriage matching the kundali with their partner is the very important decision and somewhat it is right who follow t or we can say believe in it. Many families are also here that does not believe in horoscope match making.

Online horoscope

Online horoscope is the ultimate way to aware the people from their rest of the events and whole day surprises. Online horoscope is free of cost service that spread the awareness among the peoples. You can know about your horoscope by the date of birth or sun sign. Today horoscope and daily horoscope are also provided for whom are dabbler to know about their daily horoscope.

Effects of Saturn lines


We all know about palmistry. Under the lines of the hand of anyone seeing her past, future and present, much can be known about. As well as that person’s nature can be understood easily. Lines and not just at the hands of humans occurs on other organs. There are lines on the sole of the foot. Similarly, there are lines on the forehead of every man. The lines are influenced by various planets.

According to the head of the body, these lines are also seeing signs of Sciences of the person past, future, present and disposition information can be obtained. That old man on the forehead lines can be postulated. The position of the person’s forehead, size – type, color and smoothness are taken care of. Know who’s on the forehead – which is lines and their effects on a person’s temperament -

Sun Line – the line is at the top of the forehead area. This line is no longer only appears in the central part of the forehead. According to this line of symptomatology sea around Saturn’s portion is considered to be affected. This line is visible on the forehead, he is of serious nature. If an advanced poll (slightly cocked) If Saturn line of people mysterious, serious, and some are assuming. More information about these people is very low. The successful magician or sorcerer cans Astronomer.

Jupiter (Guru) Line - head slightly below the Saturn line is the location of the master line. This line is usually slightly longer than the Saturn line. This line studies, ideas, spirituality, history, etc., is an indicator of relative interest and ambition.

The person on the line is long and the head is visible, he is confident and sure of your point. Such people can be trusted blindly & People who earn their name in a government job or education.

Tue line - up in the middle of the forehead and master Tue line is the bottom line. Understanding of the trend prior to the line just above each ear of the person next to him a few places and the must see places of Caption above.

Tue line on a flat or advanced forehead with his good qualities and are slightly raised position above the person’s head, the man courageous, proud, heroic, Dharmalu, who has the vision, understanding and contains of the creative tendency. Such people an administrative post, military or police officer may or ambassador.

Mercury line - the location of the line is almost in the middle of the forehead. The line is long and occasionally touches the edges of the individual appear to have both Knption. Mercury line person’s memory, his knowledge in other disciplines, discernment and integrity implies.

If this line is such a good man with a sharp memory, the interest in artistic works, right – wrong with thinking, high mental capacity and is a connoisseur trend. Any human ability to recognize such people are more general.

Sun Line - The line in the middle part of the space is only just below the Mercury line. This line is usually smaller in size. This line of health, discover trends, the research interest is an indicator of attractive and compelling personality.

Advanced forehead the line is clearly visible elation such person, full of hope and enthusiasm. A person with high vitality, first – travelers, beauty lover and important issues are serious. Such people can clean, clear and white color like this.

Lunar Line - This line is above the left eye brow. If this line is simple, straightforward and clear so that the individual artistic, loner, smart and imaginative intellect is developed. His interest in painting, singing, music, etc. has.

Horoscope essence

Horoscope essence

Horoscope plays a mesmerizing and thrilling effect in our life and it is always curious to know about the definition of horoscope and effect on our life of it. To know about the horoscope it is must to have clear concept about horoscope.  Horoscope is basically a diagram which shows the position of heavenly planets and stars made by experienced astrologer according the birth data of a person. Indeed horoscope is defined as a birth chart of a person. You know your zodiac sign because of the horoscope. Zodiac sign describes the personality of a person according to the position of stars and planets in a horoscope chart.

The concept of horoscope is taken from the ancient concepts of great astrologers. According to this concept earth is fixed and planets moves around the earth. This whole system is divided in 12 portions and this depicts 12 zodiac signs that describe the human nature.  To know about future prediction and any question or any other question you may know with the calculation of horoscope chart.

Horoscope is the magical source to disclose the hidden information within your name, birth date, birth time.  Horoscope is not only the tool to know about their behavior but also you can predict about your compatibility and love horoscope. You can know about career, financial and health issues.

Daily horoscope via online websites and monthly horoscope or weekly horoscope can guide you perfectly to know about your future prediction. Horoscope is the best way that can aware you about future events and you may prepare you mentally for next to face the situations.

May online service services of free horoscope helps you to know about the prediction without any cost. With this easy way any type of help that may relate to career, health or business or any other problem.

Importance of Vedic astrology formula

Importance of Vedic astrology formula

On many occasions our social life around the show. Some people not only recover from the problems dominate life. While your courage, your courage and strong determination to make the change take the bad times. There are many occasions in the life of every human being,when he struggles with the same round. But the Hindu scriptures Vedas – Puran teach the correct and positive attitude about life remaining is then possible to overcome every difficulty.

Ancient Hindu scriptures have described such precious formulas which any disturbed, unstable or difficult situation that no human being can maintain your balance. He entered the Vedic formula of life it offers hardly any effective measure to overcome -

The world’s earliest known Hindu scriptures Vedas Rigveda 1 in a best-of-life management of the formula -

Which means that many problems in life, troubles and responsibilities or create Rukavte enemy, but with God’s own self-confidence that these can be controlled. Just like the river is crossed by boat between all.

Veda’s formula – to come out of the crisis and troubles trust you and trust and faith in God is the greatest strength.

Such power is only possible when humans learn to live sober mind because born of a restless mind – like the blame, anxiety and nervousness human being is shaken. In contrast to the sober-minded thinking and concentration by balancing energy even during the tough times can be changed easily.

Grah dosh

Grah dosh

According to astrology the Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun, Moon, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the nine planets. Normally Jupiter (Guru), Mercury and the moon is considered auspicious planet and the Sun, Tue, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered inauspicious planet. Inauspicious planets are considered to be pathogenic. In contrast, all the planets and their bad affect Grah dosh specific release.

Between humans and the environment of planets adversely affect the energy flow. The effect of this imbalance of various diseases, disorders thrive. Pitta promotes the sun, hence the weak and be strong, both in case a problem arises.

Sun heart, stomach, bones and regulates the right eye. Because of the side effects headache, alopecia, fever, heart disease, irritability, vision, disease, dermatological, circulatory disorders, leprosy etc. The disease grows.

Crash wrath is of the sun, Stubby, Visby, theft and the risk of snakebite. Regular chanting of mantras is diagnosed by the sun.

Moon cuff trend is a combination of factors is considered including arthritis. Thus, mental disorders and emotional problems arise from its perversity and insomnia occurs and their Moon homeopathy, diarrhea, jaundice, tuberculosis. Dermatology.The disease gives rise to fear. Moon and gynecology Tue gives rise to a wide variety of yoga.

Tue is show bile factor. It is extremely violent and creates excitement. The head, marrow, bile, hemoglobin and regulates the uterus. Therefore related to outbreaks of disease occur Tue. Tue accident, injury, sprains, burns, surgery, hypertension, kidney stones, weapons and poisons that damage.

Wed tridosha (cough, vata, and pitta) is the parent. In case of perversity of Mercury with the Moon generates several mental disorders. Wed – skin, throat, nose, lungs and chiefs of frontal considered. This myopathy, mental miserable condition, hate speech, generates excitement and the diseases of these organs. Mercury is not the right conditions are awful nightmares.

Jupiter belongs to the cuff. The liver, spleen, pancreas, regulates the ears and fat. Mahdi distortions resulting from these organs are seen throughout the planet. The planet, obesity increases. The gross Tamas and inertia arises.

Vata and Pitta factor is the planet Venus. Regarding the planet lust (Sachs) is. The body of aquatic planet endocrine glands affects the entire disorders, Nephrology, lethargy, fatigue, etc. thrive. Thank disorders can be used to optimize work.

Saturn is the cuff nature and it includes some body parts as Chest, legs, feet, anus, organs, etc. The nervous system is the father. Side effects are extremely deadly and incurable disease. Cancer, strokes, tumors, fatigue, mental disorders, etc. due to the side effects of the disease are similar to Saturn.

Rahu and Ketu are two shadow planets. Rahu causes ulcers and fear the unknown. It is fear of snakebite. This period is mainly due to Srpyog places making life hell. Rahu with Moon gives rise to various phobias.

Ketu side effects can occur due to a variety of diseases. Tue, Ketu also faces the same procedure. Kudos is to humans when these planets are favorable, Rkiti, money – cereal, luck factor.

By removing the perversity of all these planets to achieve their fitness related equipment should hold mantras, or should. Gayatri Mantra is chanting the planet to continue to offer favorable terms to their favor.



The lines that appear in the hands of our past, present and future will tell. All lines of hands isolated value. Each line is the prediction of different topics.More sun line attached to certain things.

Where is the Sun Line?

Sun line ring finger (ring finger) on the right bottom part is the mountain sun. In this part of the state are vertical lines, the line is called the sun. Sun Mountain Sun Line said it is due. In the hands of a person if the person lives in the line contains variable values ​​- respect and receive money.

Usually this line is not in the hands of all the people. In many situations, even after the sun line, the person may face cash-strapped.

Sun Line

Sun line at the bottom part of the ring finger is the ring finger. Sun Mountain is known as the part of the palm,if the vertical line is called the Sun line. The lower part of the palm, wrist or life line of Sun Mountain is on the line. Sun line from the other lines are cut or broken, it can be finished good effect.

- Palm side of the finger Bagyrekha Sun line is moved from the position it is also showing good effect. Very good effect on the person’s name and could earn money.

- If a person’s hand from wrist to finger the sun line, so it is considered very auspicious position. Such people are very successful in life and to get all the money. These guys get values, respect and happiness, Facilities.

If a person lives in the hands of the finger towards the Sun line is out of line, then the line has been a lucky person. With all the amenities and features that people value in life – that privilege.

If the line coming out of the sun moon mountain

Lunar Mountain out of a person’s hand is a line toward the Sun Mountain Sun line only if it is called. Lunar mountain right in the palm, thumb on the other end of the call. Here is the line-out to finger the person’s imagination is very fast & Keeps a good grip on the language of these people.

If the sun mark the point on the line

Sun line marks the point when the person has bad effects. Such a line is a man afraid of being humiliated. If you have more than one point more than the sum of deep humiliation makes this status in society. Therefore, the person having such a line should act cautiously.

- If the Sun Line – small branches coming out and they’re turning up the fingers so that it bodes well.

- If the Sun Line – small branches out to be going down the lines weaken Sun line.

If the sun wavy line

Wavy line is the sun in the hands of a person if the person is unable to perform any task with concentration.

If the mark of the cross on the Sun line

If the sun be the mark of a cross on the line, then the person has to face in life is suffering. Working with people who meet difficulties and yet they do not get proper consideration.

Measures to overcome the defects of the sun line

- Sun line is not in the hands of a person in the society values ​​- respect comes from great difficulties. Also have to work hard to earn money as well.

- Lord Surya the Sun line is concerned. Sun values ​​- respect the planet factor. Therefore, to overcome the defects of the sun line should worship the sun god.

- Daily sun line removing impurities from the water are offered.

- According to the Sun god’s sake yellow poor people should donate goods.

- Water must offer lingam; even the sun has peace of defects.

All lines of palm isolated value. Properties of a line, the second line can eliminate imperfections. Therefore, the position of palm, texture and all lines should be thoroughly studied &can only be accurately predicted.