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Manglik Dosha Nivaran Through Kumbh Vivah

India could be a country that believes in religious power most. Religious power is that the prime of everything and each downside have the religious answer. In Hindu non secular, several doshas square measure impact the human life. Manglik dosha is one among the foremost unfavorable dosha that have an effect on the lifetime of that specific person and different who around to them. Several religious solutions square measure in star divination to stay safe from the unhealthy impact of those doshas. Kumbh vivah is additionally one among the religious solutions for those who having manglik dosha in their kundli or birth chart.

Kumbh vivah essentially combination of 2 Hindu words that square measure ‘Kumbh’ means that pot and ‘vivah’ means that marriage or wedding.

When an individual, despite that the person is lady or boy, having manglik dosha in his kundli or horoscope. Then kumbh vivah is that the method to marry with a pot for take away the unhealthy impact from their when wedding life and it shows actuality color when they got marry.

Manglik dosha have many varieties impact of the person and his partner’s life, like in anshik manglik dosha they need to be face major health problems, delivery problems with baby, dispute in between the bride and groom and within the major manglik dosha may well be happen like serious relationship problems, death of husband, major accident, death of better half, major illness etc.

Kumbh vivah is simply sort of a standard wedding of the fellows that have manglik dosha. All rituals got to be performing ordinarily like different wedding for example; kanya daan, phere with the pot and additionally intonation the wedding mantras during this marriage. Subsequently lady should modification the dress and takes away all threads and flow the pot in watercourse while not holding anyone is aware of. When this ritual done that lady is going to be unleashing out of the manglik dosha and may marry with different guy.

Mythology is during this kumbh vivah that Pot is here taking part in the role of initial husband of that lady that having manglik dosha in her kundli, thus all unhealthy result square measure flow with the pot in watercourse. Manglik dosha is never effect currently their married life when they did the kumbh vivah.


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Tips To Getting Out Of Financial Trouble

Tips To Getting Out Of Financial Trouble

Do you wake in middle night cause of financial debt?  Are you losing in business?  Do you lose your job? Are you perturbed from that thing?  If yes then you don’t need to have worried anymore because here is offered tips to get out of financial trouble by astrology specialist. 

Probably, you might think, how astrologer would make my help to get out of this. However, everyone thinks about it, an answer of this is that Astrology is all about the whole universe, planets, and star. You might conscious or not that, whatever impact occur in human being life this all happens cause of planets, such like, business, career, marriage, love marriage or something else.

This is the reason; some of the people enjoy their life healthier while another have to go through many waxes and wanes such like you.  So to get out of it rapidly, you should have to consult with astrology specialist. He will suggest you appropriate remedies as per planets position by which you will instantly get out of financial issues.

Tips To Get Success in Business

Each and every person wants to get success in business. However, they all get happier with that, but unfortunate; something went wrong because of that business doesn’t move in the direction of success and people also not get success in a business as they indeed want to get. If the same thing is going with you, not get profit from a long time then here is tips to get success in business with the help of astrology specialist.  He will suggest you powerful astrological remedies through which all bad impact and evil eyes will get out of your business and gradually you will get more profit in your business as you indeed want to get.


White Magic Spell casting for financial Problem



Are you the one who is going through the financial problem? And wants the solution by which you can make yourself over from this hardest situation? Then you should take help of White Magic Spell casting for financial problem. White Magic Spell is a one of the magic spell which uses for genuine and good Purpose, where at another hand black magic is uses for bad or for negative intentions. This is the reason that astrologer suggests to use the white magic spell for getting over from the financial problem situation. When you use this white magic spell mantra for getting over from financial problem then it will gonna work perfectly for you and help you to get over easily from this problem. Financial Problem really a one of the hardest situation to bear up because money is essential for spend life but when person goes through financial crises then he get fail to even complete the basic desire or needs also and resultant of that a person got into depression but don’t worry if you take help of white magic spell then you will easily help yourself to make out from the life problem.

White Magic Spell for become billionaire

Who is the one in the world who don’t want to become the billionaire? Or don’t want to get rich? Actually, everyone wants to get billionaire but getting or being the billionaire is not the easiest thing to do. It needs lots of hard work to do and the most important thing is good fortune, if you have good fortune then no one can stop you to get all your desire come true but if your fortune is weaker than it really a hard thing for you but if you are ambitious and want to complete your desire then use White Magic Spell for become billionaire. A white magic spell will make help you to complete your desires.


How to Save My Marriage When My Spouse Wants a Divorce

How to Save My Marriage When My Spouse Wants a Divorce? is a Question which is asked by the people who is facing problem in their married life and problems are now on that level from where come back is not possible and even cause of daily problems their spouse also wants a divorce from them. It’s really a terrible situation for the couple or the person who is going through and when a person goes through this situation they get too much frustrated. Are you the person who is going to the same situation?  Then you should make consulting to our astrologer who will make help you to save your relationship. Many of the time it happens in a married relationship that cause of regular problems and issues distance start accruing in between husband wife relationship and resultant relation get stand on the step of divorce and dispute which is really harder to tolerate. If you are the one whose spouse wants to divorce and you wants to stop them and wants to give one more chance to your relationship then you should take help of our astrologer.


How to stop dispute and divorce

Are you the one who wants to know that How to stop dispute and divorce? And make your married life as same as before? Then you are at the perfect place we are here to make help you.  Divorce is a thing which not only affects the life of husband-wife even effects the whole families life also. So before going to take this step think twice because the one step is enough to spoil your whole relationship not only your even your family’s future is also getting spoil by your one silly decision. So you can make consult to our astrologer and can help yourself to save your relationship.

White Magic Spells to Increase Love and Affection in Married Relation


Married relationship is something where husband-wife not only have to care about each other even they have to care about other family members too and cause of that all responsibility Love and affection get missing somewhere. As being of husband-wife you can use White magic spells to Increase Love and Affection in Married Relation, when love get vanished somewhere then no charm and attraction live in relationship and if you are living that kind of life where love has get vanished somewhere then there is no worth of that kind of relationship because you both are living your life for other, not for you both. So cause of that instead of bothering yourself to living that unromantic and loveless life try to do the things which can help you to bring back the love and charm back in your relationship. White magic spell is one of that best remedy which can help you to make this possible for you. Via using of white magic spell you can easily get back love and affection in your married life and can help yourself to save the married life.

Married life problem solution by white magic spell

There is no relationship in the world which doesn’t face ups and downs, ups and downs are the part of life and when a person faces ups and downs then he/she really knows the value of life and the relationship. married life is also among of that relation which faces lot’s of problems but still it is the one of the best relationships In human’s life. Are you the one who is facing lots of problems in your married life and after trying a lot still your problems are not getting over? Then a thing which can help is a white magic spell. You can easily get Married life problem solution by a white magic spell. By using this you can make your married life easier and can remove the entire obstacle from your married life.


Some reasons of quarrel between a newly married couple and solution

newly married couple

Gradually husband and wife know about the habits of the each other in a newly married relation in commence. Sometimes these habits become reason of fights. In a newly married relation causes of argument and solution are given here:

1. Habit of being single
just after marriage it’s difficult to change yourself. Spend time with friends, plan to make coffee with them, go out to see movies etc are some habits before marriage. If these habits are continuous after marriage then there are chances of arguments.
Solution of this problem is, meat with friends of each other. Whenever you make any plan then includes both sides of friends.  Because of this your partner will feel comfortable.

2. Different lifestyle
before marriage you are an independent girl and never did any home task but after marriage you have to handle a responsibility of whole home. After marriage you think that this work is of your partner and this becomes the reason of your partner.

3. Habit of spending money
before marriage aim and thought behind money spending is totally different. If a partner is more expensive after marriage or stingier then this is also the reason of quarrel. Shopping, clubbing, party, travel, dine out etc are some things that are not considered before marriage and you spend money on them. But after marriage it affects a lot on your budget.

4. Responsibility of children
after marriage most of couple wants to start a family but may be your partner would not agree for it. Responsibility of a child is a very serious issue so if one of the partners is not ready for it till then never thinks about it.

Astrology Thursday solution of family fight problem

family problem solution

In our scriptures Jupiter planet is known as master of marriage. Who are not getting married or facing so much problems in married life, should do measure to please Jupiter. Thursday is known as day of Jupiter. On this day Worship of lord Vishnu give you special benefit. Including if we do many little measures as told in our scriptures make peace and calm in our home. The husband and wife who always fight and never got along should do this worship on Thursday.

1. From Thursday start the measures or solution and perform daily. On Thursday morning take bath in early morning and then put Tilak of saffron on forehead and navel. In addition use saffron in food.

2. Donate Bundi laddo (sweet), treacle, yellow flower, yellow sandal, banana, spiritual books, yellow color sweet and ghee.

3. Do worship of Peepal tree, saint and sages (Brahmin).

4. Starting from day of Thursday daily water in root of peepal.

5. On Thursday offer yellow color sweet and channa dal.

6. Render all possible putting chana dal in yellow cloth donate to any poor person.

7. Take information from any eligible Brahmin and do worship on own. Chant Gurumantra, vishnusahastranaam, and kavach lesson.

Effect of happy family on kids

effect on kids

Importance of happy family in life of your kids has a great meaning as mental health and initial grow up of person is start from the family.  Nowadays social and economical crisis has become the part of your genuine life and you should try to keep away your child from all these things. Nowadays there is a tradition of single parent family but it is to a great extent is hinder in child development. This is shown in research that rearing children in single parent family exert negative energy in his development.

This is also true that without the support of parents children cannot develop. To survive in this world you should make environment like that children should learn how to face this challenging and beautiful world. Children are great follower of your habits, phrases, manners, lifestyle and behaviors and they absorb you very closely. Whatever you do, there is a great impact of all that on your kids. Problem in your relationship can create many mental problems and negative effect on your kids. So there is a great significance of happy family on positive development of children.

Family astrology solutions are best powerful results to make your relationship greater and healthy that can help you in healthy growth of your child. It is true that being parent is a difficult task and you have so many challenges in development of your kids so being a good relationship model of you in front of your child make them mentally strong and helps them to develop positively. Family problem solution by astrology is rectification of all the negative energy.

Astrology tips to make family issues lighter and solvable

vastu dosh

Discussion is the core solution to solve a trouble among family members. Giving equal priority to each family member and respect views of all the members is necessary. In a family between husband and wife problems created more because interference of many family members and responsibilities is the main issue in a family. In a family problems related to children is more nowadays. Family members are the reliable and trustworthy personas who with can share all the problems.

This is a well known issue that astrology has a great significance in all the family matters and conflicts. It adds when planets are not in your favor then there are many malefic effects of them on your family members and vastu dosh is the biggest reason if you are facing family turbulence and conflicts. Architectural design of your home should be according to the astronomical effects. If you have vastu dosh at home then it can badly impact your success and you can face a split in your relationship.

Astrology tips of vastu have many solutions to remove all the dosh of vastu and grah shanti puja is one of the astrological solutions of this trouble. To bring success and prosperity in home is it imperative that vastu dosh should be removing. There are many reasons of vastu dosh like if you have wrong direction of main gate at your home or having old and damaged utensils or position of  home temple is wrong are some reasons of vastu dosh. Astrology has many overcome all these al dosh.

Family problem after marriage

family problem

Fast busy life always wants relaxation and the best place of relaxation is family. Each member of family is connected by heart. Existence of malice type bad feelings is not in family. Family is like branches of tree where each branch is connected with each other.  It is also true that if more people live together then there are chances of disputes also exist but if you have understanding and love and care for each other then it is possible to solve these disputes. But at times when planets and stars are in our favor then nothing is in our favor. Everything is goes wrong even you try to solve it in good manner. Because of the unfavorable position of planets many dosh are create in family. Specialist astrologer has meaningful services that have a rich worth and can extract you from this trouble.

Free online solutions astrologer

Free online solutions of astrologers are the contribution to all the peoples who are troubled with the discords and disputes. Free Vedic astrology, Indian astrology and other useful service of astrology are available online. Free horoscope charts and their future prediction is the need of each person because to know about the good and bad events and dosh horoscope chart plays a vital role. Astrologer provides you this facility without any cost and makes it according to your date of birth and time.

family problem

Children are the life of family members and they are the most innocent person. Children learn whatever they see in their family and absorb the activities of their elders very fast. It is also true that sometimes one of the people has bad habit and this is may be the bad effect on the children. To keep children on right path and to save them from bad habits astrology has a great effect. Husband wife problems, among the elders many conflicts can create. Astrology is the best solution to solve these troubles.




Live a blissful life with your family

live happy life

Now a day a lot of family problems exist because family is combining many peoples and it is natural that it creates a lot of issues and generate many problems. Family is the relaxation place of any one. If there are problems then it becomes difficult to manage all these things and cannot concentrate on work. If persons live alone then no problems will create but family members love each other and they all want to live each other forever. If there are problems then with the mutual understanding you can solve these problems. But yet you are unable to solve these problems then astrology can help you. Astrologers are the persons who understand the family issues.

Indian family problem solution

In India most of the families are joint families like they live with their parents, grandparents, children and many other members. There are nuclear families also who love only with husband, wife and youngsters. If more members are there then is quite possible that there will be more chances of disputes. But Indian astrologers know these troubles very well and if you are suffering from these family issues then you can contact with them any time.

Free online astrology solution

Free online astrology solutions are the free service that helps you to get rid of from these family issues. Online solutions are the best services for them who want quick solutions and do not have time to go anywhere because of their busy schedule. Just tell your problems through media sources like messages, phone or via form and astrologers will tell you solution of the problem.


Secrets of happy family

Secrets of happy family

Eternal culture and philosophy, root or even lifeless things, or concerning the life looking for attention, positive thinking the right way to live through many threads are exposed. Vedic times as many animals and birds religious fervor fiction stories-stories exposed through practical education and policies are evidence of this.

This link is particularly interesting and popular fiction is big Hitopdesh. Animals, birds are the main character of the story, through which, in fact, humans have been exposed to behavior and trends. These life, politics and practice involving multiple threads and lessons are described.

Hitopdesh, the ancient Sanskrit language policy has a prominent place in the narrative literature. It is composed by Narayan Pandit, who was a poet in the state of Dhavlcndra king of Bengal. Rcnakal are not about the individual, according to his name associated with the lives of welfare Hitopdesh preach. The stories aim to teach practical knowledge to humans. According the king ignorant sons of PanditSudarshan. Vishnu Sharma useful lives of many inhabitants were given knowledge through interesting tales.

– Get money every day in this world, to be disease-free body, and well-spoken woman who get too much love, obedience to the Son and religion, meaning, learning to work and receive the salvation that these four Efforts are six pleasures ‘s. Must not fail them no chance of accumulating.

– Debts of the father, the mother adultery, loving husband to the beautiful but stupid woman or wife and son are like the enemy.

– Despite relying on luck to complete the work and toil of any human being should not Codna. Tilo without work the same way as the oil may not be able to extract any individual.

– Lakshmi delight in earthly life is only on hard-working person. “Luck is everything,” says a weak and timid person, not being so dependent on luck should work according to their abilities. After persistent efforts, even if that does not work or does not succeed, it has to be something missing and believes that efforts must move on.

– As long as a person does not take the risk associated with birth and death, he finds that his welfare elicit well-fortunately does not happen. Once any purpose any of the peril he lives, then it is certain that the welfare auspicious receives. In simple terms Mahalaxmi reside in courage and daring man meet such auspicious Lakshmi very pleased.

– In mundane life, favored by a wrong action or thought or desired to be proven to work, even if the result is bad. Likewise, the way come in contact with poison nectar placed in the pot, it can cause death.