Become Rich; Just Follow Simple 2 Staps

Want to get rich

Everyone’s wishes, that the blessings of goddess Lakshmi always remains with them. For this, they pray, offer food to the poor, go on pilgrimages and various other things and impress the goddess of money. But there are very few who know that wherever you are praying, that place has to be well lit. This is one of the Vastu rule if used, Goddess Lakshmi gets happy and blesses her disciples with lots of money.

Read below, what kind of lighting is necessary where you are praying for goddess Lakshmi…

The place in your house, where you pray is the most important area of your house as the entry of all your happiness and richness comes from this section of your house. According to Vastu, every house should have a praying room (Puja ka Kamra) in North-East direction. While yellow coloured bulb should be used in the praying room, the main area of the praying room has to be lit with a white (milky) coloured bulb.
What should be done in your praying room during evenings…

During evenings a diya should be lit in front of your god. It is understood, that during this time (evening), goddess of money, Lakshmi enters the house and if during this time, your praying room is not lit well, Goddess Lakshmi changes her direction. And when Goddess Lakshmi does not enter your house, all the negative energy is considered to get inside. So, to avoid such negative energy entering your house, remember to always lit diyas in your Puja Ghar during evenings.

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