Astrological Remedies for Early Marriage

Marriage is one of the most wonderful relations. A girl and the boy tied in the knot forever. And without marriage life is said to be incomplete. In India, marriages are celebrated with the much pomp and the grandeur. Parents of the girl mostly waited for this moment. The marriage of the girl is much important for her parents. If there is a delay in her marriage then this can be wreak havoc.

There are several reasons that arise in the life of the people due to which they face delay in the marriage. Consequently, delay in the marriage could be many as not able to find the perfect and the right match some doshas in the kundali, family deny for the love marriage and delay in the birth chart, etc. This is a very serious matter for the parents when the marriage of both the sons and daughters is delayed beyond the accepted time and then delay in the marriage is always a major cause of the concern.

How birth chart analysis helpful in finding out delays in marriage?

This is quite common that parents get tensed or worried about the child’s marriage then it is better to take his or her horoscope to the astrologer. Then the first astrologer will analyze why he or she is facing issues and delays in the marriage. He will provide you with effective remedies that will be helpful to tell you that when he or she will get married. It will help to know the delay and obstacles in the time of the marriage to get the birth chart analyzed. Through this, you can able to find out whether there are any doshas in the kundali of the individual is Manglik. After the analyzing process, parents and the individual is able to seek the remedies to avoid the obstacles in the marriage purpose.

How to avoid delay in the marriage?

Here we are providing the best and effective remedies that will help to remove the delay in the marriage and soon you will be able to get married.

  • If you are a girl and want to avoid the delay in the marriage then you should keep the fast for the 16 consecutive Mondays. Then offer Jal Abhishek with water to the shiv linga regularly. As well as pray for the early marriage to the lord shiva and goddess Parvati. You will able to get better marriage proposals through this.
  • Feed the green grass or the spinach regularly to the cow it helps to eliminate the delay in the marriage.
  • Check out the auspicious time or the muhurat then get the root of the banana tree. Then energize it by worshipping it. Now keep it securely wrapped in a yellow cloth.
  • There are some people who have Rahu dosha in the kundali. This is also the reason which causes a delay in the marriage. If you have the Rahu Dosha in your Kundali then you can worship Goddess Durga. It helps to remove the obstacles from your marriage.
  • Tulsi marriage is also a great remedy to remove the delay in marriage problems. Perform this Puja after consulting the astrologer.
  • Above all are some of the remedies that are helpful to perform. If still, you are facing issues then you can consult us and get rid of the factors that are creating hurdles in your marriage life.

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