Astro Vastu tips for Office


Vastu Shastra is becoming very popular day by day. Lots of peoples started using of Vastu Shastra for getting the benefits and improvement. Vastu Shastra gives and very effective results just cause of that, people’s start using this for office, home, garden, kitchen, bedroom, for living space etc.

Using of Vastu Shastra for office will bless you by very big profit and big success in business. Vastu is just related to the using of right direction and interior designs. Just check it out these following tips which are given below and use this in your office for better performance of the employees and for better success results.

There should be no obstacles in front of the door or main entrance.

The Central part of the office should be vacant.

Account department should be located in the southeastern part.

Administration and human resource department should be in the east part.

Office reception should be placed in the North West

A water cooler or water resources should place in the north east corner.

The boss room should occupy space in the south west and should be away from main entrance.

If it is possible then using of Aquarium of 9 golden fish and 1 blackfish will be very beneficial for the business and it should be placed in the northeast.

Staff work should be done facing towards North or the east direction.

Avoid the high light beams in the office if it is not possible to avoid the cover it by using of a false or wooden ceiling.

Toilets should be located in the northeast or southwest direction.

If there is the temple in the office then it should be ideally located in The Northeast portion.

Conference room are the best placed in the northwest part.

Vastu shastra recommend using colours like white, blue and grey for office.

These are the some tips of Vastu shastra which will remove the all negative energies and allow increasing the success and health energy level in your office



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